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Cruising the Wachau Valley

Cruise Buddies on the Sun Deck
Cruise Buddies on the Sun Deck


After a pleasant morning in the small town of Durnstien, our longboat headed towards Melk.  This stretch of the river is quintessential Danube cruising.  Verdant green forests, craggy hills topped with ruins, picturesque villages hugging the riverbank – what’s not to like!  The whole area has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Let’s go!

I’m a Wimp and I Know It!

On that cruise I took in my head, before we boarded the Viking Tor, I planned on enjoying the Wachau Valley from the comfort of my private balcony.  I hadn’t considered there were two riverbanks to watch.  I just imagined feeling all kinds of luxurious in my own space, but I realized I needed a better plan.

Bill thought the Sun Deck would be the perfect spot for taking in the sights, but I wasn’t liking the idea so much.  While the day was bright and sunny, there was a definite chill to the air.  I’m not into cold.  Skiing is not my thing.  I can’t get very excited about an Alaskan cruise.  Besides, I had just done my hair.  I could only imagine what a few hours on deck, with the wind pummeling my tresses, would do to my coiffure.  I refer to that stuff on my head as a force of nature and you’re not supposed to mess with Mother Nature.  I thought the lounge was a better place to take in the sights.

3W (6)On My Own…For a While

Bill and I are one of those couples who do most things together, but we’re not connected at the hip.  I’m an early bird and he’s a night owl.  He heads off to the golf course with his buddies and I’m content to hang with my bestie.  In fact, I seem to operate best when I’ve had some alone time and there hadn’t been much of that on our cruise.  The Wachau Valley seemed like a good place to catch up with me.

I shooed Bill up to the Sun Deck and found a spot up in the lounge to take in the sights.  I’d gaze out the window for awhile and then spend a few moments catching up in my journal.  I was loving the scenery, but I was loving my alone time even more.

Bill showed up a couple of time to report on the Sun Deck activity.  The first time was a quick drop by and I was soon on my own again.  The next time his visit was a little longer.  He told me about the amazing view.  He let me know that our cruise buddies were on deck.  He thought I’d be interested to know the crew was handing out warm blankets and hot beverages.  I sent him on his way.

Then he was back.  This time he’d gotten it all figured out.  I could go by the room and put on some more layers.  Then I could have all the blankets I wanted.  And if I didn’t like it, I could leave, but I should give it a try, but only if I wanted to…My alone time was over.

3W (10)Alright, Already!

So I went up to the Sun Deck.  I will admit the view was gorgeous.   It’s too bad WordPress’s media feature won’t handle panoramic pictures, because we got a humdinger.  You’ll just have to trust me.

I really did try to make a go of it.  I resented having my alone time interrupted, but once I was up and out, I did try to enjoy it.  I really did, but I didn’t succeed.  After just a few minutes wrapped in the festive blanket, Bill let me out of my misery.

It was almost time for lunch, so I didn’t get back to my spot in the lounge.  After lunch we’d be touring Melk Abbey.  Our pictures don’t do justice to the Wachau Valley, but I’ll show you some anyway.  Come back next week for Melk.  It was one of the highlights of the trip.



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