About Jane Sadek

Jane Sadek is a storyteller by trade and a traveler at heart.  Your memories are her media.

Jane and her husband, Bill, own Spot On Images, a photography-centric enterprise.  He’s a real estate photographer/videographer/drone pilot.  Jane’s thing is scrapbooking.  She can do it for you or help you get it done.  In addition, she offers digital services like online storage, photo editing and printing, digitizing and streaming services, as well as photo gifts, cards and calendars.  Wherever your photos and memorabilia are, she can help you get them wherever you want them to be.  Find out more here.

Since Jane has decades of experience in marketing and a degree in Creative Writing, she’s also available to help you with a variety of writing services.  While a picture is worth a thousand words, the internet still needs words to do its job and Jane can help you find those words.  She helps companies, ministries, entrepreneurs and individuals tell their online stories with content contribution, blogging, copy-writing and creative writing of all sorts. Rates depend on work to be completed and can be billed hourly or by the project.  Deposit required for work to begin.  Call her at 972-971-5263 to discuss your project or send an email to jane.spoton@gmail.com.

You can find Jane all over the internet – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Trip Advisor and other places.

About the Blogs 

Jane has a passion for travel – here, there and everywhere – so she blogs about it for the pure pleasure of it in the Travel Talk Blog.  “Here” is Dallas, Texas, her hometown, and from there she hopes to travel everywhere!  If the travel bug’s bitten you, then you’ll understand.

Though travel is her passion, it’s not her profession.  Her experiences in the restaurants, attractions and accommodations along the way are those of the casual traveler.  Getting no special privileges out there, no words are minced here.  She plans all her own vacations and pays for it out of the family budget.  Her most frequent traveling companion is her husband, Bill, but good friends and family often come along for the ride, especially  Deb, her bestie.  Jane is the owner of most of the photos published here and if she’s not, she provides a link, so you’ll know where they came from.  Just for the record, some of her photos were taken by Bill and Deb.

But travel’s not her only interest. Jane has been blogging as a hobby since 2009 and has tried her hand at a variety of subjects.  Since she couldn’t let all that good writing go to waste, those blog posts are a part of this website in Miscellaneous JaneFaith Talk and  Chat @ Care-giving.


Below are examples of poetry published in various literary journals.  She also writes memoirs and short stories.  She’s still hoping to someday publish her comic novel about “active senior living” written while taking care of her elderly family members.

Published Poetry:

2014-03-26 14.49.05“Cooking with My Friend” in De La Mancha

2014-03-26 14.50.41“Tamarind Truth” in Clare Magazine

2014-03-26 14.50.30“Covered Ladies” in Evening Street Review

2014-03-26 14.49.32“Light in the Afternoon” in Bloodroot Literary Magazine

2014-03-26 14.46.46“Not Irises or Sunflowers” in Common Ground Review