While my favorite personal photo organization tool has always been traditional scrapbooking, it’s become a digital world. As phones fill up with pictures, more and more people are turning to the internet for photo solutions. Even my own husband has said it’s time to quit filling up the bookshelves in our house with albums and find digital solutions. I’m so happy to have found Forever and I am so pleased with its digital photo solutions, I want to share it with you. As with all my photo services, I will do the work for you or you can do it yourself.

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Start with Permanent Online Storage You Own Rather Than Rent

All of us have our images stored somewhere, whether it’s in a shoebox, on a phone, on a computer or somewhere on the cloud. Chances are, you’re not satisfied with your current method, either because of the cost of the service or its limitations. Even if you think you’re happy with your current solution, there may be issues you don’t know about or haven’t considered. The foundation of Forever is online image storage that is safe, permanent and affordable. You own it, rather than renting it. Not so long ago, I didn’t even know you could own storage and certainly hadn’t considered why I would want to. Here’s what you need to consider about your current solutions.

Is It Safe?

Safety can mean different things to different people, but when it comes to your memories the bottom line is this, “Are your photos going to be there when you want them?” If your photos are in a drawer, on your computer, on your phone or on a portable drive of some sort, the best answer is ‘maybe’.

All kinds of damage can threaten your traditional photographs. Even if nothing drastic like a flood or a fire occurs, the photos actually deteriorate over time. Archival scrapbooking can slow this down, but one day those photos will disappear.

And those photos on your phone? Lose it, drop it or leave it on the roof of your car when you drive away (as I have done) and those photos are gone. My computers have crashed, thumb drives have gotten lost and portable hard drives have died. I’ve faced all these challenges and if you haven’t, then count yourself lucky. Any personal device which stores your images is likely to fail or become obsolete.

If you already have your photos in online storage, you may be feeling pretty good at this point, but what service are you using? Do they guarantee the safety and availability of your photos? How long will those photos be safe? What happens when technology changes? Can the photos be easily shared? Does the service integrate with other services? While most online services can say your photos are probably going to be there when you want them, none of them, except Forever, will guarantee they will be.

But here’s something you’ve probably never even thought about. “Who else can access my photos?” Whether you use a free storage service or rent it on an annual basis, you aren’t the only one with access to your photos. While it might be difficult to share your photos with your friends and family, when you agreed to the terms and conditions of your storage service, you also agreed for the photos to be mined or sold for advertising. At the very least, you should profit from this practice, but honestly, do you really want strangers mulling over you memories, sharing them with other strangers and making a profit from them?

Is it Permanent?

I told you Forever would guarantee the safety of your images, but you might wonder how long? The short answer is FOREVER. When you pay for your storage, it’s yours and will be for 100+ years, but the goal of FOREVER is forever. We want your photos to be available to your family and friends for as long as you have family and friends, but for now, your account and your content are guaranteed for generations to come.

The price of your storage does not just pay for your storage this month or this year and it doesn’t all go to into the back pocket of the corporation. The bulk of what you pay for your storage goes to a trust fund which will eventually protect your photos into perpetuity. If technology changes, your images will automatically be upgraded to stay accessible. You can share your account with whoever you want to, regardless of what platform they are on. Here’s the best part, you can pass it on, so that the catalog of family memories you have lovingly created will be there for friends and relations you know and your memories will stay alive to enrich generations you will never know.

So This Has To Be Expensive, Right?

The best part of Forever is that it is affordable. The list price may look expensive, especially if you are using free storage right now, but when you consider this one price is the only amount you will ever pay it, it starts to make sense.

At this time, another online photo storage company is offering to rent you 2TB of space for roughly the same amount as buying 10GB of permanent storage. On the surface, the rental may look like a deal, but first ask yourself if you have 2TB’s of images to store or if you ever will? Then think about how many times you will pay a rising annual fee to keep that storage, some of which you will never use. Storage for which they dictate the rules, using data compression if they choose, mine for data and sell to advertisers. Storage that cannot be passed on to future generations, will not be upgraded for new technology and since it is not protected by a trust fund, will simply disappear, like so many other apps, services etc.

What’s more you’ll have to work very hard to actually pay Forever’s list price. If you use my link to sign up, they’ll give you a $20 off coupon. They will give you another $20 coupon for every referral of my link which is accepted by your friends and family. Then every month a new set of specials are announced and there’s always a deal on storage – 20% off, 50% off, even free with the purchase of something else. All you have to do is watch for the special you want.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Club, yet. If you are working on a photo storage project, you probably have a budget for how much you can spend. You can invest that budget in the Club, get full dollar for dollar purchasing power for virtually everything on the site, including items which are on sales. You’ll also get a 5% discount on everything you buy, not to mention free storage is added to your account every quarter. When your project is done (or you want to quit for awhile) stopping the Club is easy. When you want to begin another project, signing back up is just as easy.

Here’s a chart comparing Forever’s Online Storage with its competitors. See for yourself what it is the best option for you.

But There’s More!

While Forever’s Online Storage is the foundation for everything else, it is only one of the wide variety of digital photography solutions they offer. Take their photo printing for instance. Frequent deals make the price comparable to anyone else’s and the chart below shows what puts Forever’s prints ahead of any one else’s.

Digital Conversion is another strength in Forever line-up. You send them your media, from slides and photos to video reels to scrapbook pages. Your media stays in America and its all done by hand, rather than being tossed into a machine and ignored. And its easy, they send you a box, they carefully digitize it and put your images in your storage.

Digital Photobooks, Auto-books and a wide variety of photo gifts are also available.

It’s a little overwhelming I know, so I’d be glad to chat with you about all you can do with Forever, so contact me at 972-971-5263 or If you’re rather go ahead and jump in, follow this link