Why Do I Need Jane?

Your life, your family, your friends and your memories – who besides you knows what you know about you. If you don’t get those photos out of where they are hidden and into a safe, organized, sharable format, then everything you know about what’s special in your life will be lost for the next generation and can never be recaptured. There are a wide variety of solutions, from a traditional scrapbook to a permanent online album, so don’t let them slip away, because I can do it for you or help you get it done.

Where Are Your Photos & Memorabilia?

In a shoebox? That’s the way many people would answer. They have photographs, memorabilia, videos, slides or other kinds of media from their past or handed down to them from other family members. If they aren’t using a shoe box, it might be a carton, a bin, a crate, a drawer, Ziplock bags, garbage bags – the list is endless. The idea of opening these containers and getting the images organized is daunting. It’s daunting because they aren’t sure what they will find and have no clue how they’d go about organizing them. Or perhaps they know exactly what is there and while they’d love to engage with it, the technology used isn’t even available today. In some situations they know exactly what’s there, but it’s too emotional to deal with.

For even more people, the answer would be ‘the images are on my phone’, but if they wanted to show you any of them, they’d have to scroll for a while to find them. For most of us, the challenge of finding the photos we want to share among the hundreds, perhaps thousands, on our phone and/or saved to the cloud, means the photos rarely, if ever, see the light of day. Perhaps we posted them to Facebook or Instagram at the time or even texted them or emailed them to friends and family, but now they might as well not exist.

Some people have their images on their computer, in thumb drives, on portable hard drives or other digital media. That’s good, to a point, but what happens when that technology goes the way of VHS tapes and slides? What if the files are corrupted or your computer dies? What if something happens to you? Will anyone else know where your photos are and if they do, will they know anything about the people and places in your photos?

Other answers are possible. Perhaps all your photos are in archival scrapbooks, on the cloud, stored in an app. Wherever your photos are, ask yourself these questions:

Are my images safe? Are they organized in such a way that others could make sense of them? Can I easily share my images with other people? Are my photos being data mined? Can they be sold by whoever is storing them for advertising?

Where Do You Want Them to Be?

There are many correct answers to this question and in many cases you should answer it several different ways. Perhaps you’d enjoy a traditional scrapbook for your coffee table, but you’d also like the photos backed up securely and safely online. You want them perfectly organized with no data mining or advertising use. It would be nice if you could pass them onto other people and future generations, always being updated for whatever technological changes occur.

I’d like to help you figure out how to get your images organized, preserved and in a shareable format. There are many reasons I am the right person to help you with this project.

I’ve been scrapbooking for decades. My husband and I run a real estate photography/videography/drone company. Taking, editing, delivering and storing images has been a daily activity over a number of years. I represent both a premiere scrapbooking company, Creative Memories and Forever, a photo storage company with a wide variety of digital photo solutions and gifts.


972-971-5263 or janesadek@gmail.com

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