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Taking Video to the Next Level


Don’t Be a Captive!

There’s a reason we all love YouTube and Facebook, but there are also a lot of reasons we all hate it. If you love video, then I don’t need to enumerate either set of reasons. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed both watching and sharing on these channels. If you’ve ever wished you had more control over the videos you post, then I have an answer for you. If you don’t know the pitfalls and challenges of using these channels, we should talk.

The primary problem with using YouTube, Facebook or any other streaming service for your personal videos is that once you upload them to the channel, those videos belong to them, not you. They have no duty to you. They are doing you the favor of making your videos available to others and they are in control. They can reformat, compress or delete them. Your agreement with them says so. It also says they can data mine them, sell them or whatever they want.

You might have thought you had no choice. You had to be a captive of these services or keep your videos captive on your own device. Forever offers you a choice.

Store Your Videos on Forever

Last week I talked about digitizing videos to which you may have lost access. I touched on the fact that storing these videos on Forever would be a good idea, because DVD’s and thumb drives are not permanent storage devices. Neither is your computer or an external hard drive. I know! Before I discovered Forever I lost an entire year’s worth of real estate photography which was stored on an external hard drive. And your phone is certainly not the right place for these precious memories. We all know the horror stories associated with losing or damaging your phone.

Another answer is to rent space on a cloud – those services like iCloud, Google or Dropbox – but that’s not a good answer either, for so many reasons. If you follow my blog, then you don’t need to be reminded of all the dangers of renting storage, but in case you have missed it, when you use these services, the terms you agreed to allow them to:

  • Mine your photos and videos for marketing purposes
  • Sell your photos and videos to third parties as stock
  • Carry no responsibility if your photos and video disappear
  • Compress and/or reformat your photos and videos
  • Terminate your account when you die
  • Delete your photos and videos whenever they so desired
  • Own your photos and videos
  • Delete your account if you pay

With Forever YOU own your storage. You’re not just renting it. None of those things listed will happen to you. You pay once, you’re done and your photos and videos can be enjoyed for generations to come. Forever guarantees it.

Download or Stream?

It’s easy to share photos and video with Forever, but when what you are sharing is video, which is ok. Your recipient will just have to download the video to watch it. Or you can get video streaming. Then when you share, they just click the arrow. They will love you for it!

If you are an avid fan of video, then you know the value of your precious memories and you can appreciate the convenience of a personal video streaming service. Imagine sending video to your family and friends without forcing them to watch ads! Yes, that would be nice.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, though. There’s a price for streaming, but there’s always a price, even if it is not dollars and cents. The list above is one price. Forcing people to watch ads might be the price. Or paying every month for the rest of your life might be another price.

With Forever, you can chose to pay monthly if you want. The price is the same as you’d pay for similar services, but without being subject to the list of issues I outlined above and a few others we can talk about. This is great if you just want to try out video streaming.

You can also pay by the year and save 15% over the monthly plan – which is great. Perhaps if you’ve had a special event like a wedding or the birth of a child and you want others to easily enjoy and share the videos for a while, this would be the plan which would interest you.

However, with Forever, you also have the option of buying video streaming that will last as long as your Forever account. This means those who enjoy your videos on Forever would never have to download. They could always watch the videos right in account. You can pay for it in a lump sum or pay it out over a year. Then video streaming would belong to you always.

The retail price for this generational legacy is $1600, but with deals and The Club, you never have to pay full price. If this is the right choice for you, then I can show you how to get the best price.

Many of Forever’s customers buy their storage and video streaming as a family. They all use the account for sharing photos, videos, documents and more. It’s an investment for everyone that will be enjoyed by the family members of the future, without those future family members having to pay for it into perpetuity – and some storage solutions won’t even allow you to pass down accounts, even if they were willing to pay for it!

Everything Works Together

The real beauty of Forever is that everything works together. The reason this company even exists is because the founder got frustrated when he found out he needed several different kinds of accounts to do his memory keeping. He had to send his photos one place for digitization, store them in another and make photo books someplace else – and the compatibility of the various accounts was in no wise seamless.

With Forever, you store and share all your media in the same place and all the tools you need are right there. For instance, you could make a digital photobook and include video by adding a QR code. Or maybe a calendar with a QR code that allows a grandmother to hear her sweet grandkids saying hello, anytime she wants. When you’re using Forever, the possibilities are endless.

Video streaming may not be a service you need at all, but if you’re into video, then you should at least think about the benefits you could enjoy. Come back next week and we’ll talk photo printing. I have two choices to offer and they are both great!