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A Little More Strolling in San Antonio

Mi Tierra, San Antonio, TX
In the Mi Tierra Bar


On this trip we’d already hit some of my favorite culinary spots in San Antonio: The Guenther House in the King William District, Casa Rio and Boudro’s on the Riverwalk and NAO street tacos at The Pearl Farmer’s Market. We’d also tried and fallen in love with a new place, The Chart House at Tower of the Americas.  Now it was time for brunch at Mi Tierra.

Mi Tierra

I’ve always known about Mi Tierra, but until I went with Bill back in 2013 I’d never managed to get anyone to go with me.  It was everything I’d hoped it would be and more, so it immediately moved to my list of favorites – and since it’s open 24 hours I should always be able to find a way to squeeze it in.


Sunday morning Deb and I packed up our belongings, checked out of Hotel Contessa and toted our belongings to the car, but we decided to walk to Market Square.  It seemed as if every time we left the Contessa we either headed north or east.  We’d been neglecting the west, something we were ready to correct.

Market Square is one of the oldest parts of town and during its long history it’s always been an area of mercantile.  The actual old El Mercado isn’t what it used to be.  It probably deserves the “tourist trap” slam many folks have given it on sites like Trip Advisor, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater – especially if that baby is Mi Tierra.

My previous visit to Mi Tierra had been during a freak winter storm that blitzed out about half of what I wanted to do.  We made a mid-week visit for lunch and then headed over to the McNay.  The crowd was primarily business people grabbing a quick lunch and a few of us tourists who had braved the cold.  There had been no wait for a table.

Things were a little more lively on this Sunday morning.  The bakery counter was busy and you had to wait for a table.  Deb and I settled in the bar and watched for our buzzer to go off.  Remarkably we only had a few minutes of cooling our heels, so I think they opened up the patio.

Once seated, we made selections from the breakfast menu and sat back to enjoy the show.  Mariachis entertained us on the patio and just outside vendors were setting up booths from which to sell their trinkets.  The food was delivered fresh and delicious.  It was a little early for a margarita, but I couldn’t help wishing I had one.

Back to the Car

When we headed back to the car I spotted that one of my favorite shops was open.  I never can remember the name of it, but you can’t miss it.  It’s right next door to Mi Tierra.  They have clothing and jewelry on the first and second floor and wonderful ceramics in the basement.  Maybe next time I’ll actually write down the name.  I’d love to be able to afford some of their beautiful embroidered dresses on the second floor, but I’m not paying three figures for a sundress.

Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX
Main Plaza

Along the way back to the car, we enjoyed the beautiful Main Plaza, but we agreed that the western part of downtown couldn’t compare with the eastern side.  It won’t be my last trip to Market Square or Mi Tierra, but I won’t walk next time. I’ll either grab the trolley or hop in my car.

Next we’ll head out on the Mission Trail, so come back next week.  You’ll love it.


DESTINATIONS, Restaurants & Bars, Road Trips, TRAVEL, United States

Mi Tierra Restaurant and Bakery

Mi Tierra Restarant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio TX


Delicious Tex-Mex Meal Accents a Day of San Antonio Sightseeing

On our final day in San Antonio, the plan was a tour of murals on the west side of the city.  Not exactly the poshest of neighborhoods, but there’s amazing street art.  We decided to drive the walking tour, which was fine for a while – but only a short while.  I recommend bikes.

What’s for Lunch?

I, of course, planned several dining options, but was hoping for Mi Tierra – Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio TX THE Mexican food restaurant in San Antonio.  (Well, at least one of THE Mexican restaurants.  Casa Rio on the River is pretty high up there, too.)

Mi Tierra has been open forever and it’s always open.  I’d sort of planned on having breakfast there, but fighting the cold weather gave us a slow start, so I moved it into the lunch slot. As many times as I’ve walked by the restaurant during visits to Market Square, I’d never managed to be there when it was time for a meal, but  I kept promising myself that I’d dine there someday.  The patrons just looked like they were having a lot more fun than everyone else in the world.

Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio TX
On the Patio at Mi Tierra

As if it were ordained by the gods, this time we found a parking place on the street right across from the restaurant and thanks to the cold, there was no wait.  And then, we found ourselves on a patio again, but this one was a lot warmer than the previous night’s experience.  And guess what?  Finally!  Mariachis!

I was tickled beyond pink.  Almost tickled enough to have a margarita, but I’d been so good on my South Beach Diet that I passed up the opportunity, while enjoying every sip taken by the patrons around me.  It was almost as good as having one myself.  Well, not that good, but nice.

The whole place is a perpetual fiesta.  Brightly painted murals, brightly colored pennants, brightly dyed waitress uniforms – everywhere you look is color.  And everywhere you looked people were having a good time.  This was a Friday lunch hour, but the attitude was definitely late Saturday afternoon.Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio TX

Being the good girl I had chosen to be, I selected rotisserie chicken as my entree, but the good news was that South Beach allows you to have three bites of anything you want and a cheese and onion enchilada came on that plate.  That was the best three bites of the vacation.

Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio, TXBill chose the special of the day and even though I can’t remember the name of it, I know it was some kind of chicken with vegetables.  He even got to eat the rice and beans.

After Lunch, the McNay Art Museum

As we sat on the patio I just happened to mention the costume exhibit at the McNay.  Bill had previously confessed he really wasn’t interested in it, but he was quite interested in pleasing me, so under the influence of the cerveza, he decided we’d go.  I didn’t jump up from the table and fist pump, but I was tempted.

Sure, Id love to go see the costume exhibit at the McNay.

We paid our bill, stopped to take a few pictures of the bakery case and then headed to the McNay.  I’d rave about the costume exhibit, but it was over January 19th and you’d just hate me for seeing it when you didn’t get to.  Once he got there, Bill was glad he’d been so agreeable.

I’ll leave you with a shot of Mi Tierra’s bakery case, but don’t fail to come back next week, we’re going to the Majestic to see the Nutcracker. Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, Market Square, San Antonio, TX