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Legends at DoubleTree Wichita KS

Your Breakfast Buffet
Your Breakfast Buffet


When you stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Wichita KS, you’re out at the airport and away from everything else.  The hotel is lovely and once inside you can forget you’re even at an airport.  At mealtime Legends Restaurant & Bar, in the lobby of the Hilton is a safe bet for a good meal.

Breakfast As You Like It

The Executive Level of this hotel is a sweet deal during the week, because you have a breakfast buffet and an evening social hour right there on your floor.  If you are up on the Executive Level on the weekend, breakfast is still a sweet deal, because it’s comped.  Everybody else has to either pay $12.95 for the breakfast buffet or order a la carte.  Since it was comped, we opted for the breakfast buffet.

The breakfast buffet has pretty much anything your heart desires.  There’s all the cereals, fruit, yogurt, pastries and such.  There’s a do-it-yourself waffle maker with all the trimmings.  They also have omelettes, Eggs Benedict,  breakfast potatoes, sausage and bacon.  You know, the usual.  Well, maybe not so usual.  Eggs Benedict are kind of a treat.

On Saturday, I tried the Eggs Benedict.  Everything about them was fine, except for the fact that I’m funny about eggs.  I don’t like scrambled eggs or omelettes, and any other egg should be well done.  Well, a properly cooked Eggs Benedict should be over easy, but I’m not fond of the runny yellow goo.  The sauce was good, the muffin fine and I ate my egg white.  I left a lot of yellow goo behind.

The next day was Sunday and after 10 there is a Champagne Brunch with an elevated price tag.  They had an extra buffet table all ready to fill up with additional goodies, but we got there before 10 so we could get on the road and to avoid having to pay extra.  On that morning I went for some cereal and a biscuit.  OMG, that biscuit was good.  There can be some pretty sorry excuses for biscuits on a buffet, but these were amazing.  I only ate one and since I’m not fond of gravy had no problem avoiding it, but I really, really wanted another biscuit.

Saturday Night Seafood Buffet

After breakfast on Saturday morning, I noticed on the way out of the restaurant that they had a $34.95 Seafood Buffet in the evening.  That sounded pretty darned good to me.  We’d be at the Living Proof Event all day long and I just bet we’d love to come back to the hotel and veg.  I was right.  What I didn’t know was everyone else in the general vicinity was also going to realize this was a good deal.  I’m guessing that most of the people we saw hanging off the rafters in the restaurant lived in Wichita and came out on a regular basis.  They all seemed to have the drill down pat.

There really was all the seafood you could eat.  From broiled cod to shrimp cocktail and mussels to crablegs, you could eat yourself into a stupor.  I love crab legs and they were sweet enough that they didn’t need butter as far as I’m concerned.

Oh and dessert.  There was a chocolate pie good enough for someone’s mother to claim.  It had a denser meringue than my own mother made, but the chocolate and the crust tasted just like home.  There were other delicious looking choices, like a chocolate cake, but that wasn’t as amazing as the pie.  After dinner we were glad to waddle back to our room and call it a night.

The New Year is upon us.  I hope itis going to be a good year for you and yours.  Party hardy, but get home safe.  And come back in 2016 for a little Wichita KS sightseeing.


Accommodations, DESTINATIONS, Road Trips, TRAVEL, United States

The DoubleTree, Wichita KS

It's all about the cookir!
It’s all about the cookie!


If you ever go to a Beth Moore Living Proof Event, book your hotel early.  I assumed we’d stay in downtown Wichita, close to the Intrust Bank Arena where the event was being held.  I even sat down to make my reservations a month in advance. We had a lovely stay at the Wichita DoubleTree, but it wasn’t our first choice.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

OK, so fine.  Our first choices for accommodations in Wichita weren’t available – at least not at the convention pricing – so we couldn’t stay there.  Next?

Hilton’s Doubletree Hotels are lovely places.  After I booked our bargain room they emailed me and told me I qualified for a standby upgrade.  It would cost $15 a day, but I would be on the Executive Level.  The Executive Level offers amenities like free breakfast and daily hors d’oeuvres in the evening, but those breakfasts and hors d’oeuvres weren’t available on the weekend.  I wasn’t sure whether it was worth it or not, but I took it anyway.  I’d leave it to chance.  If there were no upgrades available when we got there, I would be perfectly happy with a regular room.  If the upgrade was available, then we’d see if it was worth it for the next opportunity.  When we got there we got the upgrade and it was worth it.

Check-in and Unloading

Checking-in was not as easy breezy as it had been in OKC.  Apparently whoever had our room during the week had gotten a late check-out and the registration desk wasn’t sure whether or not the maids had gotten to it.  Still, the Doubletree always greets you with a seriously amazing cookie, so you can’t get too upset by anything as you enter chocolate chip nirvana.

Should you ever stay here, please note that their complimentary shuttle will deliver you to locations within the airport, but otherwise, you better have a car.  The registration desk couldn’t answer that question, so we found the bellman.  He said he could take us to the airports taxi stand where we could get a $30 round-tip taxi.  No thank you.  I was trying to avoid parking fees, so a $15 taxi wasn’t the answer, since it also came with other hassles.

So we headed to the room.  I’m sure the nice bellman would have been happy to see to our luggage, but we’re independent sorts.  We pulled around to entrance closest to our room and gathered up our bags.  Deb led the way into the building, pulling her bag behind her.  There was a pair of exterior doors and a pair of interior doors.  I negotiated the exterior doors with no trouble, but as I held them open to wheel in my bag, I backed into the vestibule and fell into Deborah’s luggage.  We found this very amusing, but a pair of maids who stood nearby looked as if they suspected we were drunk.  Then Deb asked them where the elevator was.  They pointed to our right.  We were standing right next to it, which we also thought was hilarious.  The pair of maids were then firmly convinced we were bonkers.

Up on the Executive Level

The Executive Level requires your room key to let you in.  No riff raff allowed.  There’s all kinds of amenities up there for the business traveler.  A computer with wifi, a printer, comfy chairs and a TV.  There’s a coffee bar and buffet, as well as tables for eating.  It’s all tastefully decorated in rich woods and dark upholstery.

When we got there a couple was hogging the area in front of the TV with an attitude that suggested they belonged there and we didn’t, so we didn’t try to make friends.  I’m thinking they were booted out of their room, had a late flight and needed a place to hang out.

You’ll need your room card again to get into your room.  And it’s just a room.  More luxurious and spacious than the space in OKC, but no door separating the sleeping area, so we gave a little and got a little.  The room was beautifully appointed and quite chic, but it was still just a hotel room.  Nothing about it to get very excited about.  We did have comfy robes and house shoes to use and there was a safe, but the bottles of water were strictly for Hilton Honors members.

What made the upgrade to the Executive Level worthwhile, in spite of the absence of breakfast and social hour, was that in lieu of these amenities the hotel comped our breakfasts down in the hotel’s restaurant.  The breakfast buffet was $12.95 each, so were were about one breakfast ahead each day.  We also had dinner there on Saturday night, not comped, but I’ll tell you about Legends Restaurant next week.