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Budro’s Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk



In spite of all the strolling we’d done so far in San Antonio, there is something about the Riverwalk which inspires ambulatory activity. After happy hour margaritas at The Cork Bar, Deb and I made another circuit of the Riverwalk to shop for a dining spot.

Bodacious Budro’s

We settled on a riverside umbrella at Budro’s Texas Bistro.  Confession: I’d been hoping this was where we’d land.  My mouth still had fond memories of my previous visit and I knew Deb would love it.  We started with wine and worked our way around the menu.

The whole experience was perfect. I was determined to eat al fresco, but there was only one table left on the patio and another couple was discussing it with the hostess when we arrived.  They stepped aside to consider their options, so I stepped right up and took the table.  The couple ended up with inside seating, which I hope is what they preferred.

Our waiter seemed delighted we joined him for dinner.  He rattled off the specials.  Deb chose a seafood something and I went further down the menu to the meat.  We were having so much we could have been eating hamburgers and it would not have mattered.  We people-watched, nibbled at our dinners and polished off a bottle of great wine.  Does it get any better than that?

The Evening Winds Down

When the meal was over we were, too.  We’d been non-stop for three days and for most of that we’d been hoofing it.  We discussed options our options, all of which sounded like entirely too much effort.  We chose a movie in our room, but I needed a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I always need a Diet Dr. Pepper, but this was an acute case, so we went on the hunt for a convenience or drug store.  We found a CVS and I’m pretty sure something chocolate followed me back to the hotel.

Back at the room we put on our jammies and vegged out in front of the TV.  I have no recollection of what we might have watched.  Seems like it might have been an Ancient Aliens marathon or something equally paranormal, but then again maybe not.  Lord knows we’ve watched enough episodes of Ancient Aliens that we feel like Giorgio Tsoukalos is one of our buddies, but if he really were he’d have better hair.  I promise.

Have I mentioned how much we loved our room at the Hotel Contessa?  Yes, of course I did.  I just didn’t want you to forget.  It was perfect for a couple of worn out girls.  Each of us had our own sofa and a large round coffee table to prop our feet on.  At bed time we each crawled into our own queen size bed and dreamed sweet dreams.

What’s Next?

Our final day was approaching. We had to be out of the room by eleven, but we’d be up and out before that, because we wanted brunch at Mi Tierra, the Mariachi Mass at 12:30 and if there was time a little bit of the Mission Trail.  Come back next week and see if we squeezed it all in.