That’s What Friends Are For

Travel There – Hey There, Daisy!

So, it’s my last full day in New York City and I still have a wish list as long as my arm. I’d love to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and see the Rockefeller Collection. I think going to the Guggenheim and MOMA would be great. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Instead, I get on the train and go to New Jersey!

I don’t know Daisy. I don’t know her parents. But I do know Grandpa and I’d walk to the ends of the earth for Deb, so what’s a christening. I’d bought my very special gift for Daisy at Macy’s earlier in the week. I’d brought one of my favorite dresses to wear. I was ready to go.

Thanks to our trial run, the whole subway and train thing happened without a lot of fuss. We arrived on time and her brother was prompt in picking us up. There was some time to kill before the christening, which was great for Deb, because she was able to spend time with family.

Everyone was very nice to me and appreciative of me coming with Deb. I think one or two of them thought we might be closer than we actually are, but that’s the way things are these days. I tried to let them know they were on the wrong track by talking about my HUSBAND Bill.

It was a beautiful ceremony with a very nice priest. Afterwards we went to a lovely restaurant down the street. It was a little crazy, because there were three or four special events going on, but it was apparent how much effort went into making things nice. Daisy is a delightful little girl and her Great Aunt Deborah enjoyed the time she was able to spend with her.

Time to Head Home

The train ride back to New York was the first leg of our return home. From there we rode the subway to our hotel. The next morning Lyft came to pick us up and deliver us to LaGuardia. Southwest Airlines delivered us to Love Field. Bill was there to bring us home.

What an absolutely spectacular trip. It ranks right up there with Egypt, the Danube Waltz and our Anniversary Cruise. All that was missing was Bill, but he would have been miserable for most of the trip, so for his sake, it was good it was a girl’s trip.

But my traveling days are not over. Just a few weeks from getting home from New York, Bill and I were heading out to Club Med’s Sandpiper Bay. Come back next week and we’ll head to Florida.

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