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Where Has Jane Been?

So, the last you heard from my blog, I was in Chicago in 2021 and that was posted back in April, to one of the biggest blogging yawns I’ve ever heard. The actual visit to Chicago took place back in July of 2021. I guess you could say I was behind in my blogging, but then you weren’t exactly beating down my door to read what I had to say, so it’s not all my fault. If this was a standoff, you won, because eventually, I’m always going to get back to blogging!

Life has been pretty hectic in our world, but in spite of that, we have been doing a little traveling – just not any blogging. In December 2021, we went to Las Vegas. I won the trip and yes that the 3rd trip I have won!! Las Vegas wasn’t exactly at the top of my travel list, but when someone else pays your way, how can you refuse?

Then, in February, my bestie and I decided to use the vouchers we had left from our Covid-cancelled trip to NYC. We booked a great hotel for April and planned to spend a whole blissful week in the Big Apple.

Speaking of Covid-cancelled trips, Bill and I had some airfare left over from another travel-victim of the pandemic. We decided to give the American version of Club Med a spin, since we had so loved our trip to Club Med Punta Cana back in 2018. We booked five days at Club Med Sand Piper Bay for May.

The Las Vegas trip had been mostly trouble-free, but when the travel gods got wind of our trips to NYC and Club Med, they decided to test our mettle. They threw all kinds stumbling blocks in our way, including granting us the best season of business we’d ever had and closing down our primary photo editors just days before the travel was to begin. And did I mention we also had two (not one, but two) renovation/remodeling jobs going on. Yep – it was insane for awhile there.

So, this is my promise to you and to me. I will finish up the abandoned Chicago trip with a few more posts. Then we’ll try our luck in Las Vegas, take a bite out of the Big Apple and have fun in the sun in Florida’s Sandpiper Bay. Look for a report on Terra & Vino, a great little Italian bistro in Chicago next Wednesday.

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