Making the Turn Towards Home

Another Carriage Ride

While I enjoyed my glass of wine under the yellow umbrellas, I wondered how in the world my feet would carry me back to the downtown area to catch the ferry. When Maggie joined me, I tried to recruit her to my way of thinking. There had to be a better way to get to the boat than walk. I didn’t have to do much recruiting, Maggie was with me. When the golfers joined us, we joined forces and demanded a ride.

I really don’t remember exactly how we learned there were carriages at the hotel across the street, but there they were! I think everyone was glad to climb aboard, regardless of what the charge may have been. The guys went into the hotel and arranged our rides, and apparently the fee wasn’t too bad, because Bill didn’t complain, but all I remember is sitting in the carriage very grateful I wasn’t walking.

The Ferry

When the carriage arrived downtown, our family had a few more items on their shopping list, but all I wanted to do was make sure I was getting on a boat back to the mainland. My hotel bed was calling.

Bill and I strolled down to the terminal and made sure to visit the restroom facilities, because there are none on the ferry. For the ride over, Bill had opted to be downstairs, because he was concerned about seasickness, but the morning ride had been easy, so the trip back, we joined the family up top.

The Sunset

Back at the mainland terminal, everyone climbed in the car and we headed back to the hotel. Suddenly someone pointed out a side street with an amazing sunset view. Shad made a quick turn and we captured the last few moments of the day. It was a picturesque way to cap our activities.

Back at the hotel, I was exhausted and headed to the room. The rest of them had a picnic dinner and swam!! I am ever amazed at the spurt of energy they seem to get just when I am ready to hop in bed.

Next morning we started back to our family’s home in Clarkston, but there was one more stop. Come back next week and check it out.

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