At the Whim of the Gods #9

Demeter was miserable as she watched.  It was apparent Jane was carefully pondering her response and Bill was convinced his next flight was back to Dallas.  Jagged Journeys’ celebrities argued the pros and cons of Bill’s point of view, but Demeter turned down the sound and watched Jane’s face.  When Jane put down her fork, wiped her mouth and pushed away her plate, Demeter turned up the volume.

First Jane complimented Bill on the soundness of his logic. Demeter grinned and nodded her head.  “I have to confess,” Jane continued, “if this were my decision, I wouldn’t even have to think about it.  Travel is my favorite thing in the world and I have a free round-trip ticket to Europe.  Even if I couldn’t get to the wedding, I’d spend a few days sightseeing before I came home.”

“Brilliant”, Demeter thought.

Then Jane continued, “But this isn’t just my decision.  It’s us now, not just me, but I do think there are good reasons to consider making the trip.”  Demeter nodded as Jane made a sensible, non-emotional argument for continuing the journey.  Jane concluded by saying, “All that being said, you’re the boss, the head of the household, what you say goes.  I will agree to whatever you say and that will be the end of it.  The state of our marriage is of the utmost importance to me and if you decide we’re not going to go, then we’ll go get a flight home and that’s that.”

Jane folded her hands and put them in her lap.  Demeter shouted at the scrying bowl, “NO! You should have threatened to hound him for the rest of his life if he didn’t take you.”  For a while Bill didn’t say anything and neither did the show’s deities.

Finally, Bill said, “Damn.”  After a pregnant pause he added, “If you’d tried to fight me on this, I would have given you hell and forced you to go back to Dallas.  Now I have to take you to Europe.”

A huge smile spread across Jane’s face and lit up her eyes. She threw her hands into the air and shook them as if her team had just won the game – and in a way Demeter thought, it had.  

The next morning Hera came over to Demeter’s and arrived just about the time Zeus announced, “Good Morning!  Thank you for tuning into Jagged Journeys.  I’m your host, Zeus, Greek god of sky and thunder.  On the air with me is Isis, my lovely Egyptian co-host.  Where in the world are Bill and Jane Sadek today, Isis?”

“In just moments their plane will land in Amsterdam.  The weather is beautiful and it promises to be a great day for our travelers.” Isis was so happy about it that she almost sang her commentary.

Then Zeus asked her about the scoreboard. The look on Hera’s face made Demerter think the queen might start snarling, but she only said, “You might know he’d be interested in scoring.”

Isis continued sweetly, “Well, as you know, it was just about midnight when they boarded, so they got their usual one thousand points, but they didn’t need them.  The food service was delicious and they went right to sleep.  They haven’t lost or gained anything, since.”

“Well, they’ve made it across the Atlantic.  I wonder if they’ll be in time for the wedding.”

“The wedding isn’t until tomorrow, so they should.  With a little luck they could make it in time for the rehearsal.” Isis was clearly rooting for the humans.

“Then let’s see what Bill and Jane are up to,” Zeus said, “Can you hear me Mercury?”

“Yes I can, Zeus.  Bill and Jane have already made their way to the luggage carousel and found their luggage.  In fact, they’ve found their way to an area filled with phones and are trying to figure out how to use them.”

Zeus screwed up his face and asked, “Did you say they are trying to figure out how to use the phones?”

“Yes I did,” Mercury confirmed. “The phones here are not exactly Ma Bell.  The basic phone is fairly straightforward, but Bill and Jane have no Dutch money. They have to figure out how to use a credit card.”

“Come on now.  They should just swipe and dial.,” Zeus complained.

“It’s a little more complicated than that.  There are several slots on different parts of the phone kiosk and none of the instructions are in English.  You might say, ‘it’s Greek to them.’” Then he said, “Hey, I see Hera.”

Demeter glanced over to the sofa where Hera had been sitting and sure enough, Hera was gone, but almost immediately she was back. “What did you do?” Demeter asked, but the queen just smiled and nodded at the scrying bowl.  “Okay fine, be mysterious,” Demeter continued, “but next time, take me with you.” 

When Mercury mentioned Hera, Isis’s face brightened, but Zeus’s wore a thunderstorm.  Before either could comment Mercury confirmed what Demeter already knew, “Uh oh, almost as soon as I saw Hera, she disappeared.”

Behind Mercury, Jane held up a receiver and yelled, “I’ve got a dial tone!”

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