At the Whim of the Gods #5

“You’re right, Isis,” Mercury agreed, “What a comeback!  I almost can’t believe it and I’m right here watching it!  Jane looks like a new person.  They must have had a lead pipe in the restroom and she decided to use it for a backbone. Look at her grab up her carry-ons and lead Bill to the ground transportation area.  And her attitude is a tonic to him, too.  This is an amazing couple.”

Jane stopped at an accommodations board and picked up the handset.  Demeter watched her press buttons, but as Mercury had predicted there was nothing available. Demeter wondered what she could do to help them out.

Suddenly Mercury said, “OMZ! You’re not going to believe who’s here.”

“Someone’s come to help?” Zeus asked.

“Well, I think so.  Your wife’s here.”


“Do you have another one?”

“Of course not! I just didn’t know she watched.” Demeter leaned forward, wishing Hera had invited her along.

Isis warned, “This may not be good.  There’s a chance Hera doesn’t realize we’ve passed midnight. She could think they’re prankable.”

“I’m concerned too, Isis,” Zeus admitted, “She may be my wife, but she’s not always helpful.  What happens if Hera pranks them even though the score is above one thousand?”

“That’s never happened,” Isis said, “Our judges would have to make a ruling. The game might be over.”

Hera, wearing a divine cloak of invisibility, walked up next to Jane and began to hum in her ear. Bill took the handset from his wife and began to try more locations.  Jane pursed her mouth and squinted her eyes.  Then she began hum.  Suddenly she was singing 1-800-HOLIDAY, Holiday Inn’s radio jingle.

Jane found a payphone and dialed the number she had just sung.  Bill stood by as she said, “I don’t care how many of the hotels are full. Your job is to tell me the closest one with a room.  Then I can decide whether I want it or not.” The co-anchors and the correspondent began to clap as Jane reserved a room.

Mercury said, “What a save!  The numbers on the tote board are spinning.  I’m going to talk to Hera before she disappears back to Olympus.” He flew to Hera’s side, “Yoo hoo!  Queen Hera!  Wait a moment!  Our audience is dying to hear from you.”

“OK, Mercury, but make it quick. I’ve got to get back to a Mah Jongg game.”

“I will, Your Highness.  I just want to tell you what an amazing play that was.  What prompted you to come to the rescue of Bill and Jane?”

“You’ve heard about the Europa incident, haven’t you?”

Looking very embarrassed Mercury said, “Well yes. It’s the buzz of Olympus, but what does that have to do with Jagged Journeys?”

“Well, as I played Mah Jongg with a few friends, the scrying bowl was on in the background. When Zeus bragged about his storm for the umpteenth time, I thought he needed someone to take him down a peg or two – and who would be better at it than me.” She smiled sweetly to Mercury, “May I say a little something to him?”

“Of course, Your Highness

“Good night, Honey.  Nanny nanny poo poo.  This couple won’t be turning back if I can help it.”

Demeter began to laugh out loud.  No wonder she put up with Hera’s incessant whining.  Zeus signed off quickly, letting the audience know there wouldn’t be any more coverage until the next day.

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