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Pretty Little Passau


Waking up in Passau was bittersweet.  During the night we’d passed from Austria into Germany and docked at Passau, but my research had not mined up any nuggets for my “must-see” list, in this town at the confluence of three rivers.  The overwhelming emotion was regret.  I was going to have to leave this cozy boat where they took me from destination to destination, fulfilling my every need and desire along the way. 

The Morning Rush Hour

In Viking River Cruise land, mornings were busy.  We had to get up and get breakfast before the tour started.  There were no lazy days at sea. It might have been nice to intersperse all these activities with some down time, but Mr. Bill is not a two week vacation kind of guy and on an 8 day river cruise you are engaged every single day, all day long.

Passau was no different.  The walking tour began at nine.  After a delicious breakfast we disembarked and found our guide.  We did not get the pick of the litter.

The Walking Torture

So what date do you think this is?
So what date do you think this is?

He was a Frenchman, resettled into Germany and I’ll just say it, he was rude.  He was quite knowledgeable, but so unpleasant.  He was obviously unaware that we were on a walking tour, not taking an oral exam for a PhD.  He’d pepper us with questions and then ridicule our answers.  If we dared ask him a question, he’d belittle us.  I’m not exactly ignorant of history, but the one question I asked him about a date painted on a castle, resulted in my most uncomfortable moment of the cruise.

We  put up with him for a while, but it was finally so unpleasant that we wandered off and found our own way back to the boat.  However, Passau is a lovely little town, in spite of the rude guide, so I’ll show you some of it.

Pretty Little Passau

If you’ve been following me along on this cruise, then you know the operative word for the predominant architectural style along the Danube is Baroque.  We got a taste of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Cesky Krumlov, but pretty much everything else has been Baroque-on-steroids.  Passau was no different.  The architectural highlights are the Prelate’s Palace and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, but the whole town is lovely.  For some reason, the Rathaus has murals painted all over it which are reminiscent of the Middle Ages, but they are merely modern interpretations of that era.  Architecture aside, the three rivers are the real stars of the show.

Enjoy this gallery of shots from our walking torture.  I can’t tell you much more about them, because the only way I was able to avoid killing my guide was to ignore him.  We finally abandoned him and made our own way back to the boat.  Come back next week and I’ll tell you about the rest of the day, which was a lot more fun.



7 thoughts on “Pretty Little Passau”

  1. Glad you walked away for that tour guide.Since I am a step-on guide in our local town, I know the importance of making the visitors have an enjoyable experience and talking on a level they will enjoy. That’s easy for me since I am a retired first grade teacher. I talk in pretty simple terms but most people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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    1. I’m sure you’re a great guide. I enjoy a guide with a depth of knowledge about an area and if the vocabulary is a little pedagogical, I’m fine with that, too. It’s being talked down to, badgered with questions and insulted when I ask a question that made me crazy.


    1. I should have, but I couldn’t remember his name or the number of our tour as I stared at the feedback form. I rested easy in the knowledge that the more efficient among us would spill the beans – and I always have this blog.

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  2. Oh, Jane, I want to clobber your tour guide for you. If it weren’t for tourist, he wouldn’t have a job. I do hope you reported him to your tour line. The city is beautiful – and enchanting but I have a feeling you didn’t get to see that at all and it breaks my heart. I once spent 6 weeks there on assignment for the government and found the people delightful. They were welcoming and helped me learn my way around in no time at all. They insisted I didn’t have to work on weekends [although I had more than enough to do] and wow, do they know how to party. I never could figure out how they could party so hard on Fri and Sat nights and do 15K and 20K Volks Marches the following day. It was while I was there that I earned my 3rd 200K Volks March patch and of course that called for another party. I definitely hope to return some day.
    I did work but it didn’t seem much like work and I was single then and definitely not in the mood to come back to the states.


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