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Cruise Report: The Return

OK, so I am an addict!
OK, so I am an addict!


Most folks who travel will tell you one of the best parts of the trip is coming home.  I have to agree with them.  I loved my recent cruise on the Danube, but sleeping in my own bed has its advantages.

What Did I Miss Most?

What I always miss most during my travels is Diet Dr Pepper.  No airport in the world has my beverage of choice.  A few airlines will offer it, but very few and certainly not Lufthansa or United.  Soda machines outside Texas rarely have it and locating a six pack of it at my American destinations can be somewhat of a challenge.  Finding any Dr Pepper product along the Danube was not going to happen, so once a day I would settle for a Coke Light to get my daily dose of caffeine.  Coke Light is the European answer to our Diet Coke.  Coke Zero?  Forget about it!

Other Things I Lacked

I missed my bed and most particularly my top sheet.  The mattress, though smaller than the one we sleep on at home, was perfectly comfortable.  The contour sheet, pillow and pillow cases were all very well and good, but the only cover we got was a comforter.  It was a very nice comforter, but I really missed having a top sheet.

Another thing wrong with the bed was that it was attached to the boat and at 3 AM in the morning, when the captain put the pedal to the medal, everything on the boat would vibrate.  When I was a kid I thought it was cool to put a quarter in the hotel bed and enjoy the vibrations, but I giggled all the way through the “massage.”  On the boat I would come awake wondering what was happening and then figure out that I’d been wakened by the boat’s vibrations – again.  Of course, then I’d toss and turn.  I was too hot with the comforter on and felt weird without a top sheet, so I’d usually stay awake until it was finally time to get out of bed – not by choice, of course.

When I did get up, I immediately regretted the tiny bathroom in our cabin.  While the length of the shower was more than sufficient, for my money, I’d have preferred a little more elbow room in the other direction.  I’m not a fan of showers, so I stood as close to the showerhead as I could, to get the most of me wet or I’d get a chill.  Hence, I was stuffed into the front of the shower stall banging into the walls and doors – a far cry from my large soaking tub at home.  Sitting on the toilet was particularly claustrophobic, but there was enough room for the brushing of teeth.

I moved the rest of my ministrations into the main room, taking over what I think was supposed to be a desk, but it made for a great vanity table – with the exception of the light.  To turn on the light above the mirror, I would have had to turn on all the lights in the room.  Not a good idea with Bill enjoying his final moments of sleep.  (He had no problem with the vibrations, for which I was glad, but a little envious.)  So, I would crack open the curtain of the sliding glass door which was right next to me – the benefit being that I put on my make up with natural light.

All Is Forgiven

In truth, I know these are minor irritations.  While I struggled with the bed and bath, I was not cooking meals or washing dishes.  A maid showed up to make up the bed and restock the linens.  I didn’t fight the crowds at the grocery store or worry about traffic.  In fact, I didn’t worry about anything.  I didn’t know or care who was ahead in the election process or if anyone had been blown up.  Even if I was missing my Diet Dr Pepper, having a bottomless glass of wine at dinner certainly made up for it.

Sorry, you have to imagine the frog voices.

As much as I love traveling there was one very priceless moment as I arrived at our home.  The night was pitch black except for a brilliant full moon.  I couldn’t wait to get out and take a picture. As soon as I opened the car door I could hear our frogs.  They were all singing their welcome.  I’ve identified three types of voices, the basso bullfrogs, frogs with a clicking sort of song and the sopranos screaming at the top of their voices.  Thankfully the sopranos only sing a few nights out of the year, but they were out in full force when we arrived.

The picture didn’t come out very well, but I’ve shared it anyway.  In the coming weeks I will share all the wonderful things we did on our cruise and all the amazing things the crew did to make it a memorable experience.

So, I’ll be changing things around here on the blog again.  Mondays will remain Travel Here stories about things to do in the Metroplex.  Wednesdays will return to Travel There stories where I’ll tell you all about the cruise.  Travel Bug Tales, which were started as a sort of filler, have become very popular, so they’ll replace At Home in Heath on Fridays and if I have Rockwall County things to share with you, I’ll include them on Mondays.  So I hope you’ll join me Wednesday for my first installment on the cruise.

5 thoughts on “Cruise Report: The Return”

    1. Thirty-something years ago I went into a pub near the British Museum and they actually had Dr. Pepper! I had heard about it from another Texan and had to patronize them to support my brand!


      1. It seems that everyone from Texas is hooked on Dr. Pepper. It’s my grandson’s favorite drink also and he’s from Houston. I even got hooked on the Vanilla Dr. Pepper when I lived in Texas for a while.

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  1. I’ve never wanted to come home from anywhere. Guess the gypsy blood runs strong in me. You had a wonderful trip so need to overlook all those little problems along the way. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your cruise.


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