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The Trip with No Name

Hibiscus, Myriad Botanical Garden & Conservatory, Oklahoma City OK
And where did we find this in Oklahoma City?


It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.  I was in a funk.  The funk had been building for a long time and wouldn’t seem to go away.  I kept trying to think up things that would make it disappear, with little success.  My usual chipper mood would bob to the surface from time to time, but I couldn’t shake off the funk.  I even thought about going to Mastermind, a motivational event I used to attend back in my real estate days.  If anything from my real estate days seems desirable, that means I am in bad shape.   That’s when I got the email from Lifeway.  Beth Moore was having an event in Wichita, Kansas.  Certainly that would beat a real estate seminar!

I Love Beth Moore

If you are a real estate agent I thoroughly recommend Brian Buffini’s coaching system to you and Mastermind is a wonderful event.  But I hated real estate, in spite of the fact that I was making more money than I’d ever made in my life.  So wanting to go to Mastermind was a weird thing.

On the other hand, I love Beth Moore.  She’s a Bible teacher from down Houston way and she gets me. I can’t think of any other way to put it.  She’s real, she’s honest and she’s transparent.  Her Bible teaching is well researched and well prayed-over.  Her teaching gets inside me and squishes around on my private places.  Then she makes me do something about all those things I was trying to ignore in the first place.  After all that uncomfortable stuff I feel much better.  What I love most about her is that she keeps me laughing all the time she’s squishing around in my hidden sins.

I Love My Husband

Bless his heart, he was completely over my funk.  He’d sent me off to San Antonio not so long ago and I came back worse than I’d been.  He knew I needed something, and he didn’t think it was Mastermind, but he was willing to send me.  When I found out about the Beth Moore Event he was like, “Go!  Please go.  Do something anything to help me get my wife back.”  Oh and he wanted me to take my bestie with me.

I Love My Bestie

“Hey, Bestie!  How would you like to drive six hours to Wichita, Kansas, spend all day closed up in an arena and then drive six hours back home?”  How could anyone resist an invitation like that?

And here’s why I love my bestie.  The answer was yes and she wanted to stop in Oklahoma City to visit the Chihulys at the art museum there.  I’d told her about them years ago, before I even started blogging, and she’d been looking for an opportunity ever since.

The Trip with No Name was launched.  We left on a Thursday after work, spent the night in Oklahoma City and then drove on to Wichita.  We stuffed all the fun we could have into those three days and when it’s Deb and me, we can do a lot of stuffing.  Come along over the next few weeks and I’ll share the good times with you.

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