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Orange Hill Restaurant

Orange Hill Restaurant, Orange CA
Friends are my greatest treasure!


This vacation is almost over, but there’s one more treat I want to share with you, Orange Hill Restaurant. It’s one of my favorite places to go and on this trip I enjoyed my meal with one of my favorite people – the one who introduced me to Orange Hill in the first place.

Friends Tell Friends About the Best Places

My buddy Lizbet and I met in Dallas while working for the same company.  She’s an extraordinary person, a great friend and a lot of fun.  After I moved to California, she made the move a few years later.  She settled in another part of the state and she plans on staying.

The first time I drove down to her part of California for a visit, she took me to Orange Hill Restaurant.  She tried to tell me how cool it was ahead of time but I guess I didn’t pay any attention.  Now I’m going to tell you, but you’ll probably doubt me, too.

The View’s the Thing

Orange Hill Restaurant is actually up on Orange Hill.  Most of Orange County is a flat plain, but right there just past the corner of Chapman Road and Canyon View is a small road with a sign pointing up a hill that promises Orange Hill Restaurant.  Even though the address is on Chapman Road, follow the sign.  You still have a way to go.  Just wait until you’re up the hill to enjoy the view.  Orange Hill Restaurant has a great patio and there won’t be any on-coming cars.

At the top of the drive you’ll arrive at a porte-cochères where a valet will park your car.  Don’t fall into the koi pond as you admire the unique masonry of natural stone.  Inside there’s an elegantly appointed dining room, but you won’t see it.  You’ll be bowled over by the view.  Spread beneath you like a carpet is all of Orange County.

Sunset, Orange Hill Restaurant, Orange CA
Sunset from Orange Hill Restaurant

But the Meal’s Pretty Good

There’s nothing extraordinary about the menu at Orange Hill Restaurant.  There’s nothing wrong with it either.  Steak, seafood and for the health nuts – Vegetarian Pasta Primavera.  The prices will set you back a bit, but they’re not unreasonable.  We ordered a table-ful of food and it was all delicious – but with a view like that, who cares?

Lizbet and I hadn’t seen one another in a long time, so we had a lot of catching up to do.  I’m sure our waitress hated us.  We camped out for hours. As we sat there in our window seat, the sun disappeared from view and the plain below us lit up.  It was quite a sight.  I guarantee you, the patio was at maximum capacity.

All This and Fireworks, Too

Here’s one thing I failed to mention – the fireworks.  You know how Disneyland has fireworks most evenings right at closing time.  Well, guess what!  You can see them from Orange Hill.  That’s right.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  If Disneyland has fireworks on any given night, then you can see them from Orange Hill Restaurant.

That’s why, with all of LA and Orange County to choose from, I drove from San Marino to Orange Hill and back to Studio City.  Lizbet would have met me anywhere I suggested.  Like Moonstone Beach and the Getty Villa, I wasn’t going to miss the chance to share one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people.

All that’s left on this trip is a couple of loose ends.  Join me next week for a great brunch spot.  Then I’ll have to think of someplace else to go.

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