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The Sportsman’s Lodge – Studio City CA

Maserati, Venice Beach, CA
And yes, that is a Maserati we’re driving!


Now we’re on our way to LA, the last stop in our 2014 California Adventure. Our accommodations were quite unique. Let me tell you about them.


Have I mentioned that we have the coolest nephews in the world?  I know I told you all about the one in San Fran – you know Jack’s dad.  Well, I have another nephew.  Bassem lives in LA, across the street from Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center.  At least he did until a few weeks ago.  And that Maserati?  Well, it’s Bassem’s.

One of the primary reasons we were in LA was because several members of Bill’s family were going to be visiting, including a niece and grand-nephew from Egypt.  Usually, we’d just bunk with Bassem, but he already had a houseful.  Since he couldn’t offer us a place to stay, he insisted on giving us his car to drive while we were in town.  That would be kind under any circumstances – when the car in question is a Maserati, well, it’s more than kind.


With Bassem’s home full to capacity, we needed to find a place to stay.  Some other family members chose The Standard, but it just wasn’t what we were looking for.  Even though we wanted to be close to everyone, we really didn’t want to be in Hollywood.  And besides, there was just something about a hotel with an upside down sign that irritated my OCD tendencies.


You have two choices when it comes to hotels around Hollywoodexpensive and bedbug bait.  I spent two days on Trip Advisor and other sites trying to come up with realistic options.  The Sportsman’s Lodge was very high on my list for several reasons, but I was afraid Bill would think I was nuts.  So, I included it on the short list and waited for Bill to give me his favorites.

He came back to me and asked for more information about The Sportsman Lodge, so I knew I hadn’t been crazy at all.  It was both geographically and financially desirable, with just enough edge to be interesting.  I booked a room and looked forward to our stay.


The reason I thought Bill might assume I’d lost my mind, if I suggested this hotel, was that it had (shall we say) unique decor.  Sort the Jetsons meet John Wayne.  The lobby had odd things like a rack of antlers (painted white BTW) juxtaposed with chrome stools upholstered in orange and glass tables with lime green accessories.  We’re usually more into French antiques.  The whole thing was sort of upscale meets resale.  The parking lot was definitely upscale and our Maserati fit right in.

Everything in LA costs a whole lot more than it should – and The Sportsman’s Lodge is no exception, but once you get past the sticker shock, you can really enjoy yourself.  The rooms are sparsely furnished in a minimalistic way, but you have everything you need.  The bed was comfortable, but the view was the parking lot.  There were rooms which overlooked the pool, but since it was crowded 24/7, I think I was very satisfied with the parking lot vista.  And speaking of the pool, I wish I’d gotten brave enough to spend some time there, but everyone seemed so cool that I was a little intimidated.

Still, if I were to need another hotel room near my nephew’s place, I’d probably just return to The Sportsman’s Lodge – and who knows, I might get brave enough to hang out at the pool.

I had a great time with our family in LA, beginning with a trip to the Getty Malibu.  Come back next week and I’ll tell you all about it.

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