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The Nutcracker – San Antonio’s Majestic Theater

2013 Nutcracker Program, Majestic Theater, San Antonio TX


Here’s how I know Bill was bending over backwards to accommodate my wishes on our trip to San Antonio; he agreed to go to a ballet at the Majestic Theater.  He played it really cool until afterwards, but then he made a post to Facebook that revealed the truth.  He hadn’t been looking forward to it at all, but enjoyed it anyway.

Off to a Rough Start

We needed a bite to eat before the show, so we went to The County Line, a BBQ joint on the River, because it was close to our hotel and we were in a hurry.  In our opinion, a BBQ joint is supposed to let you get a BBQ sandwich, but that only happens at lunch at The County Line.  For dinner it’s a meat and two veggies kind of a place.  Bill ordered a sliced brisket plate and I nibbled around the edges, but my mind was not on the brisket.  WHERE WERE THE LUMINARIES?

Remember, I came to San Antonio because I wanted to see the River all dressed up for Christmas.  Well, the weatherman threatened icy rain and sleet, so no luminaries were installed.  The primary thing I came for didn’t happen at all.

And it was cold!  And a stupid sign outside our hotel sent us an entire block out of our way.  And did I mention it was cold.  Bill was smart.  He ignored the occasion and dressed warmly.  By golly, I’d brought a special outfit for the theater and I was going to wear it, even if it killed me.  Well, it didn’t kill me, but there was a danger of frostbite.

Majestic Lobby Warms up the Night

As soon as we hit the lobby, I knew we were someplace special.  I had no idea of how gorgeous the theater itself was going to be, but the lobby was a knock-out.

We were on time.  Our seats were good.  And this had to be the most amazing theater I’d ever walked into.  The pictures don’t begin to do it justice, but they’re all I have.  Bill was wishing for more than his smartphone to capture the theater’s interior.

San Antonio’s Nutcracker

The Nutcracker was marvelous.  I hope San Antonio will forgive me for being a bit of a Dallas snob.  I assumed that a ballet by the San Antonio ballet and symphony might not stack up.  It was charming with great dancers and great music.  The sets and costumes were out of this world – but not quite as far out of this world as the theater.  I’ll leave you with a few more shots.  Hope you enjoy.




1 thought on “The Nutcracker – San Antonio’s Majestic Theater”

  1. brr. . it sounds like it was really cold. I’ve visited San Antonio several times and always enjoyed the Riverwalk–but I never was there during the winter months.


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