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Sippin & Savorin’ in Plano


My two besties are both named Deb. When the three of us get together, fun is in the house.  Though we’re tightly woven in our hearts, the things that originally brought us together no longer exist, so we have to make sure we squeeze in some friend time every once and a while.  That usually, though not exclusively, means a meal.  Most recently, the meal was dinner at Sip and Savor.

Sip and Savor – Restaurant and Wine Bar

Sip and Savor is in an old two story house in a mostly residential area of Plano Road.  It’s on Coit, which is one of the busier thoroughfares, but it’s still sort of off the beaten path.  The point is, you’ve got to be headed there to find it and I think you need to find it.

A few years ago, when the place had another name, I visited for lunch.  Then it sat empty for a while.  I’m not sure how long the new manifestation has been around, but with your help, maybe it will stay around for a while.

There’s plenty of space for parking and even a few tables outside, but the Texas heat drove us inside.  The old home is very charming.  I stepped up on the front porch and walked in the front door.  A hostess met me in the cozy vestibule and took me to one of the dining rooms, where one of the Deb’s waited for me.

The decor is elegant in a country sort of way.  The wooden tables are covered with a white table cloth and Lone Stars grace the backs of the wooden chairs.  The room where we were, has a fire place.  The floors are wood and soft yellow paint covers the walls.  The lace curtains are a nice touch.

The menu posed a problem.  We wanted one of everything.  The delicious sounding entrees hovered around $25, which suggested they might be more food than any of us wanted to eat.  We nibbled our way around the menu instead.  One Deb had crab cakes and potato soup.  The other Deb and I had Crab Salad Louis. Then we shared three side dishes: some mixed vegetables, sauteed mushrooms and stuffed potatoes. All delicious – and some wine.

But we saved room for dessert.  We ordered up one of their wine brownies and a slice of coconut creme pie.  What makes the brownie a wine brownie?  Instead of water they mix Chianti with it.  It was good, but I’m not sure what the wine did for it.  I think I might have used Cabernet Sauvignon instead, but that’s just me.

The coconut creme pie looks very homemade, but it had a whipping creme topping instead of the meringue my mom used to put on hers.  It looked strangely familiar – sort of like the coconut creme pie the previous manifestation of the restaurant served.  Hmmmm.  Their website says the house is still owned by the original family.  Are they also running the restaurant?

One thing the website doesn’t mention is that there is supposed to be a ghost.  I’d heard about it when I visited for lunch at the location’s old incarnation and one of the Deb’s mentioned it, but it didn’t show up for me either time.  Not that any ghost has every shown up for me at any of the ghostly places I’ve visited.  I must not have the right aura.

You should go try Sip and Savor.  The food and wine are great, the service is good and you might even meet the ghost.