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Nothing Second Class about Second City

Norwegian Epic
All dressed up for dinner and a show


Back onboard the Norwegian Epic we enjoyed another sail away. If you looked at all our pictures, you’d quickly figure out that one of the most fascinating things about cruising is the docking and the sail aways.  Sailing away from St. Thomas no exception.  That evening we had dinner in the Manhattan Room, but we arrived early enough to avoid the crowd we’d run into on the first night and had no trouble getting to Second City on time.

Dancing, Norwegian Epic
Dancing a light fantastic


Manhattan Room Better the Second Time Around

This Manhattan Room experience was much better.  We even got dessert.  Everyone agreed it was one of the best meals we had in the main (read that free) dining rooms.  A band was even playing, so Joe and Deb hit the dance floor.

For starters, I had empanadas and quesadillas.  This was two different appetizers, but both were small.  For dinner, I had another starter, a salad with pears and blue cheese.  I cleaned my plate had to be restrained from licking up the few drops of dressing remaining after I scarfed up every bite.  I can’t remember the exact dessert we ate, but they were all delicious.

We went to the Headliners Lounge quite a bit before the show so we’d get a good seat, but even with the place empty we had a hard time trying to find four seats together.  Every third chair had a small table inserted between the chairs.  I’m sure that was convenient for drinks, but for us, it meant one of the four would be separated from the rest of the group.  We opted to sit on two different rows, one couple behind the other.

Are we eating again?

I was a little concerned about the comedy show.  I like to laugh as much as anyone, but more often than not, the profanity at comedy clubs outweighs the humor.  I just don’t think cussing is funny.  However, this show was included in the price of the cruise, so even if they got randy enough to turn me off, I could leave without feeling that I’d wasted my money.

I had nothing to worry about.  The show was really funny and though a couple of the lines were a little risque, double entandres are fine with me.  I just don’t need my swearing vocabulary expanded.  I like my humor to be a little higher in the brow.

If I have a criticism it was of the audience.  Second City had a few set skits, but they rely on improvisation and audience participation.  The suggestions offered up by the audience were pretty lame, but that didn’t prohibit Second City from finding a way to be funny.  Full marks to them for a great show.

Now the next day was a day at sea and one of the activities available was a shopping seminar.  That gives me a good excuse to compare the shopping experiences in St. Thomas and Nassau.  Be sure to come back next week.