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Seasons 52 in Plano

All dressed up with someplace to go: Season 52
All dressed up with someplace to go: Season 52


Concept is everything!  But if somebody doesn’t get the concept, then the restaurant is in trouble. We tried something new to us: Seasons 52. And it has a new concept.

The Season 52 Concept

I confess, I didn’t quite get the concept when my mom told me there was something new coming to The Shops at Legacy.  She’d read about it in the Dallas Morning News and whatever she said they said just didn’t stick.  The next time I went to The Shops on Legacy, I saw the sign and thought the 52 was a 32.  So basically, I was running around clueless.

Let me explain the concept to you, in case you were clueless, also.  Seasons 52’s name comes from their menu.  They have four seasonal menus and fifty-two weekly menus.  That’s seems simple enough, but between my mom and misreading the sign, I was trying to figure out which thirty-two seasonings these people put in their food.  Now that this is straightened up, let me tell you about my visit.

The Restaurant

I immediately noticed how dark colors created a warm and cozy interior for Seasons 52.  I suppose it could be a little oppressive, but a big fire was roaring and lots of people were wearing sequins, so it didn’t seem that way on my visit.  As we settled in our seats, I realized there was live music in the bar and it set just the right tone.  The booth was a little tight for four of us, but the hostess took our coats and then we were fine.

When we looked at the menu, our first surprise was reasonable prices.  Entrees start in the mid-teens.  From the location and the rich atmosphere, I was expecting it to be more expensive.  Then I turned over to the wine list and had the same pleasant surprise.  Very decent wines-by-the-glass started around $7.25 and the bottles were comparable.  Knowing we weren’t breaking the bank made the whole thing even more enjoyable.

So what did we order and how was it?  I had the lamb.  It had been ages since I’d eaten lamb and Seasons 52 didn’t disappoint.  Cooked to perfection, seasoned just right and very tender.  Yum, yum, yum.  Two folks at the table opted for trout, one of them  being my husband.  He raved throughout the meal about freshness.  That’s high praise.  After ten years in the restaurant business, he’s a tough customer.  The other member of our party had salmon.  He’s another finicky eater, but from a different standpoint.  He doesn’t like fussy food.  He just wants the basics and that’s what he got, so he was very happy, too.

So, yes you should go to Seasons 52.  It’s delish and you won’t break the bank.  Browsing the website I saw there’s one at Northpark, too.  I was embarrassed, because I’m at Northpark weekly and hadn’t noticed it, but you can bet I’ll be looking for it.  I’m Seasons 52’s newest big fan.