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More Room to Vroom at Mercedes Benz Plano

Invitation to Party
Invitation to Party


My husband drives a Mercedes.  He tries to justify the extravagance with with talk about resale value, but if that’s the case, explain to me why I’m driving a Nissan Altima.  I’m not complaining mind you.  I’d never trade cars with him, because his is way too sporty, but I’m not buying his story.  I have to admit though, the parties are a blast.

Worth the Drive

I used to be a Dallas girl and that’s how we ended up being clients of Mercedes Benz Plano.  They used to be around the corner from us.  From time to time they’d invite us in for a party and our drive time was all of ten minutes, even at rush hour.

Then we moved to Heath and they moved to a new location next to Dallas North Tollway (DNT).  We’ve sort of become geographically incompatible, but when they sent us an invitation to their Grand Opening Celebration we figured it would be worth the drive.  We just didn’t realize what a drive it would be.  At least we took the Benz!

Rush Hour Madness

If there’s one place you don’t want to be during the afternoon rush hour, it’s heading toward I-30 on Horizon Road in Rockwall.  In fact, during either rush hour, the intersection of Horizon and Ridge Roads is a place to avoid.  I prefer to meander through the neighborhood and take Ridge, but Bill insists Horizon is better.  The traffic was so bad on this particular evening Bill thinks he might try my route.

Once we made it through the Horizon/Ridge intersection, we still had to navigate the line to the Horizon/I-30 Overpass and the traffic on the I-30 Bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard.  We had plenty of time though and were enjoying each other’s company.

About the time we reached Firewheel, Bill began to bemoan the drive into Dallas.  We agree that living by the pond in Heath is just about as close as we can expect to get to heaven, this side of the grave, but we do have quite the commute into the city.

Finally, it was time to exit the Bush tollway and get on the DNT.  Suddenly the drive wasn’t so much fun.  In fact, it was a joke to call it a drive at all.  We were at a standstill.  Our pleasant conversation continued, but the wheels were only turning in Bill’s head.

Suddenly, Bill swung the car into the westbound traffic.  After a short drive he exited at Midway.  At first it didn’t seem like we’d improved things at all.  Then the light changed and at least we moved.  I tuned in the GPS, because Midway north of the Bush is not my usual stomping grounds and the map in my head wasn’t clear about whether Spring Creek crossed Midway or not.

Of course, when we finally turned north on Midway, Brunhilda (our German-inspired GPS) wasn’t happy with us at all.  She was determined we should make a U-turn and navigate the tollways.  Even after she gave up and showed us a route which included going north on Midway, she kept trying to get us out on DNT.  Eventually, I could see Spring Creek did cross Midway, so I turned Brunhilda off.  We found our way to the party and it was well worth the effort.

Drinks, Hors D’oeuvres and Entertainment

For their parties, Mercedes Benz Plano always offers free valet parking.  Bill thinks it’s to impress the party-goers, but I’m sure it’s to protect their inventory.  It is nice, however, to have the car door opened for you by a handsome young man.

Inside, the dealership was all abuzz.  At the door  an employee gave us a map to all the party hot-spots.  I was starving, so I scanned the horizon for food.  In one corner, a dj’s choices were accented by a drummer.   Across the way was a line for adult beverages, but I saved that for later.

My first stop was the Mac & Cheese bar.  Next I saw a bar which didn’t seem to have as much business, but they were serving scotch whiskey.  No thank you very much.

You know those tiny plates they use at parties, because folks don’t understand the difference in free hors d’oveuvres and an all-you-can-eat buffet.  I’m amazed at the way some people can pile food onto such a small surface, but it really doesn’t matter how little I put on my plate, the cheese cubes and olives seem determined to commit hari kari.

At the Mercedes Benz Party, the Mac& Cheese was served in a small wooden bowl with a wooden fork.  I was in heaven.  Bumpers for my cheese cubes!  Not to mention the fact that some of the stuff they call finger food is too gooey for my manicure.

I held on to that bowl all night long, through the Street-Taco Bar and the Slider Table.  Servers kept wanting to take it away from me, but I wouldn’t let it out of my firm grip.

Checking out out the rest of the party, we found cute girls loading up buckets of swag.  The mini-breath-mints and pens were getting lots of attention.  Another station was making free t-shirts, but since we have enough gimme t-shirts to last us our lifetimes, we avoided that line.

We wandered back to the service bays where they had a couple of food trucks.  Even though I hadn’t gotten rid of my bowl yet, I wasn’t ready for more food, just yet.

We did, however, drool over a few of the cars in the service bays.  If that grey metallic convertible with the white leather interior was yours, we are so sorry about the saliva spots.

Bill developed an interest in dessert, so we followed the map to to the sweet stuff.  There we found baristas whipping up various coffee concoctions, but I don’t do coffee and Bill didn’t want to kill his buzz.

We did find the sweets – mini-tarts with pecan pie filling, mini-red-velvet cupcakes, tiny lemon bars, etc.  My bowl came in handy, but when I started getting a sugar-high, I finally relinquished it.

Air Graffiti Dallas

Having thoroughly checked out the northern half of the new location and the service bays out back, we headed over to the southern half to make sure we hadn’t missed anything.  Come to find out, we had.  There was a Bubble Bar offering Champagne Cocktails.  I got the one with the raspberry in it.

We’d also missed the whole Air Graffiti thing.  We saw people making pictures on the other side and writing on them with an odd pointer, but we’d assumed (wrongly) that it had something to do with the t-shirts.  Air Graffiti is the new generation photo booth.  You get your picture made in front of a green screen, like the special effects people use, then you select your background and have it “spray painted” with a message made using the unique pointer.  The result of  our picture is below.

I know I overstayed my welcome today, but it was such an adventure that I had to share it!  Keep coming back, because I’ve been busy lately!  You’re gonna love what I’ve been up to!

Air Graffiti Masterpiece
Air Graffiti Masterpiece


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The Devil, the Wolf and our Mercedes Benz

Bill and his new Benz
Bill and his new Benz


Our family has a new addition.  A 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA.

The Sad Day

One night in October of 2012, someone rear-ended Bill’s Mercedes on Preston Road, just a couple of blocks from where we turn into our neighborhood.  It was a sad day.  Bill loved that car.

After the insurance company declared his car totaled we dabbled with several options.  Bill and I test drove scores of cars.  We  made a stab at being a one car family.  He used up all the free days of loaner car.  Eventually we bought a brand-new, beautiful Nissan Altima.

Once a Benz Driver, Always a Benz Driver

I thought the story was over.  I continued to drive my Volkswagen Psaat and Bill had the Nissan, but Bill wasn’t happy.  Bill was a Benz driver and he didn’t have a Benz.

Soon he started talking about some new car Mercedes Benz would start selling in September of 2013.  I couldn’t get too excited about a car you couldn’t even buy yet, but Mr. Bill was excited.  Over the next few months I heard about that car a lot. Then he saw a video for the car targeting European drivers  and it was all over!  Here you can watch it for yourself :

He put my Psaat on Craig’s List and started looking for bargains on the CLA, but he ran into a problem.  Remember those commercials where William Dafoe, as the devil, tries to get a guy to sell his soul for a Mercedes.  The guy’s all ready to sign, until he finds out the car is under $30K.  Well, everyone except Bill thought that was a great price point for a Mercedes.  Not Bill, he was looking for the discount – and he kept looking and looking and looking…

Then He Sold My Car 

Bill was having no luck finding the deal he wanted, but then he found someone who wanted to pay his price for my car.  I thought he was nuts when he demoted us back to one-car-family status, but as he pointed out, he was going to buy his car soon and for part of that time we’d be out of town and the other car would just sit in the garage.  Famous last words!

Then He Ordered His Car

Bill finally wrangled up a few small discounts for the CLA and waited until December 31st, his favorite day to buy a car.  The only problem was that he’d sort of miscalculated when we’d get the car.  Nothing was available and he’d have to wait months to get the car.  The man was obsessed.  He put some money down and ordered the car exactly the way he wanted it.

Then we waited…SIX MONTHS!  At first, it was supposed to be six weeks to a couple of months.  Then the whole country of China got in line ahead of Bill, because folks there were willing to pay more for the car than he was.  As the postponed delivery date drew near, there was a bomb threat at the plant in Hungary where Bill’s car was being built, so the plant closed down for a while.  Then Bill’s car was built and we had to wait for a shipping date.  Then the car was on it’s way, but it was on the ocean.  As you can tell, Bill was getting frequent updates on his vehicle.

Delivery Day

We went on vacation the week before Bill’s car was supposed to arrive in Dallas.  We were visiting family, friends and lovely attractions, but all Bill could talk about was his baby that would be there when he got home.  I’m actually surprised we actually went on the vacation, even though it had been planned long before his delivery date was set.

The night before he was supposed to pick up the car, Bill drove to the dealership to see if he could lay his eyes on his coming attraction, but it wasn’t visible.

It’s a Car

You can see from the photo above how happy Bill was to get his car.  I think it’s a beautiful car with some wonderful features, but it is still a car.  (I mean it’s not a Jaguar after all.)

Kudos go to Curt Wiley at Mercedes Benz of Plano, the salesman who nursed Bill through this ordeal.  We also appreciated Heidi Clements who showed us all the bells and whistles.  Bill particularly appreciated the attractive blonde and her demonstrations.

We had a little more waiting, though – the joy of visiting the finance department.  You know about the finance department.  Lucky us, they had a brand new paperless computer system and they were working out a few glitches before they could see us.

I have to admit, the new paperless system was cool.  The top of the guy’s desktop was some kind to touch monitor.  The documents would appear and you signed them with a funky electronic pen.  Finally, something I could appreciate – that and the Nissan Altima which is now mine – all mine.