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Dallas Consignment Stores IV

Consignment Stores, Dallas TX
This on or that other one?


Back to the Riverfront Consignment Stores

So we’d made it part of the way through my list of Dallas Consignment Stores on our first day of consignment shopping.  We’d bought a cabinet to use as a vanity, found at least one dining room suite we loved and had several more stores to shop.  We closed down the shop where we bought the cabinet, so it was time to go home, but Bill loved the Riverfront area and vowed we’d be back.

A week or so after our first adventure we decided to finish our list.  Bill wanted to get back to Riverfront.  I’d had one more Riverfront store on my list and he’d seen several he liked when he went to pick up the cabinet.

Lots of Furniture

Like Again and Again, down the Riverfront Street, Lots of Furniture is sort of a Land of Unwanted Furniture, but where A&A has interesting pieces from the last century, LOF reaches back further in time and covers a lot more geography.  It’s more antique store than consignment store.  Many of the gorgeous pieces would look great in a French Chateau, but they were designed for house much bigger than my little house on the pond.  Though completely untrained in that sort of thing, I do have an eye.  Come to find out, a good portion of the gorgeous pieces I lusted after were actually French and were at one time in some chateau or other French abode.

Whatever the size of your abode, put Lots of Furniture on your list of Saturday afternoon things to do.  Just making your way through the makeshift aisles will be somewhat of an adventure.  You’ll get to play with several cats, at least one dog – you’re on your own with the other furry things.  The owner seems like a very nice guy, but the recession has sort of bitten his derriere.  Please go buy his stuff so LOF will be there in the future to wander through aimlessly.

More Riverfront Consignment Stores

It was a chilly damp day, but after taking in Lots of Furniture we consignment-stored our way down Riverfront.  Many of the stores were cheek-and-jowl along the thoroughfare.  Still, I was pretty much frozen when our jaunt down the street was over.  We really didn’t find what we were looking for, but there was a lot to see.

With more stores on our list, we thawed out as we headed north again.

Knox Henderson Consignment Stores

Nick Brock Antiques

This was not on my list.  I could tell from their website that they were outside my budget, but we had to walk past their store to get to Consignment Heaven.  I can say this – they have beautiful things which are reasonably priced for what they are, but they aren’t things I can readily afford.

I can also tell you this.  Consignment store people border on the odd.  From the ice queen at the first shop to the friendly pauper at Lots of Furniture, I can tell the people who run and work at consignment stores are a different breed from those I talk to at the local Haverty’s.  Don’t construe that as criticism.  Different can be both good and bad, according to the circumstances.  The guy at Nick Brock would be great at my next cocktail party.

Just as Bill decided the water was a little deep around there, the sales person engaged me in a conversation.  I spent so many years in the retail business that I’m allergic to, “We’re just looking.”  I’d looked around enough to see that dining room tables did not dominate their inventory, so I gave an abbreviated version of what we were up to.  The clerk hopped up from his desk and showed me what he did have that was in any way related to my request, apologizing all the way that he knew it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  As I strolled out, he encouraged me to visit often, because they frequently got in new merchandise.  This guy had been more personable than anyone I’d met in two days of consignment shopping.  I wish he’d had something – not that I would have been able to afford it.

Consignment Heaven

How appropriate the name of this little Knox/Henderson shop is!  Talk about chock-a-block.  The merchandise is so densely packed here that they stack the dining room tables one on top of the other and some have chairs atop that.  We found several possibilities at this place.  Bill was just about to buy one.  The price was right and it was a gorgeous piece.  I was concerned about the chairs though.  None were specifically assigned to this table and everything I saw looked more English than French.  I just wouldn’t approve the sale.

We’re almost at the end of my consignment tale.  Come back next week and I promise to finish.