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A Few Recent Bites

 Hook, Line & Sinker
Shrimp Kabobs at Hook, Line & Sinker

Favorite Dallas Restaurants Visited, Revisited…and Visited Again

Most of you know my husband and I are having a house built in Heath. As we’ve shopped around for tile, granite, wood floors, cabinets and the like, we’ve eaten a lot of meals out. A goodly number of these meals have been drive-thru fast food, which is part of the reason I had to get back on Jenny Craig, but we’ve also enjoyed a few of our old standards. We highly recommend these to you.

Hook, Line & Sinker

As I’ve said before, we love Hook, Line & Sinker (HL&S).  It was just around the corner from us at our old house.  We miss it almost as much as we do the creek that wandered past our backyard.  When life takes us over to Far North Dallas nowadays, it’s not unusual for us to cozy up to a plate at HL&S.  Hubby loves their grilled trout.  My fav dish is their shrimp basket with fried shrimp, hushpuppies and crinkle fries, but on our last visit I tried to be good.  Oh the sacrifice! (Wink, wink!)  The Shrimp Kabobs were delicious.  I substituted grilled veggies for the rice.  Yum!

On our last visit it was a little too chilly to enjoy the patio, but the funky bayou vibe of the interior was just fine.  Not to mention the great blues music playing in the background.  After our meal was through we strolled over to Lekka, the Obzeet’s replacement next door to HL&S.  Cool place with live music and funky decor shopping, but with HL&S just next door, it’s doubtful we’ll ever actually have a meal there.


I think Abuelo’s is my favorite Tex-Mex spot right now, with the obvious exception of Joe T. Garcia’s in Ft. Worth.  (The Fiesta Patio at Joe T’s is my personal Culinary Nirvana.)  At Abuelo’s I love their avocado enchiladas, which they call Enchiladas de Cozumel.  They slather them with a seafood sauce that is to DIE for.  Bring that out to me with a Platinum Margarita and I am a very happy girl.  (Not the best thing for my diet, but a girl has got to eat!  Lets call it grilled seafood and avocados with lime on our food diary.)

On my last visit, I played with the new computerized thingie they have sitting on the tables.  While waiting for Bill to return from the restroom I joined their rewards program.  ( I don’t know why I wasn’t already on it.)  Since then I’ve gotten a coupon for a free entree, just for signing up and then they sent me a coupon for a free dessert in honor of my birthday.  I may just have to love them a little bit more, but after I move to Heath it will be quite a drive.


I’ve been a fan of Chili’s ever since it first opened on Greenville Avenue – a location which longer exists.  It was just a hole in the wall, built around a kitchen that made the best fries in the world.  I always ordered a Pride with Fries and a Schilitz.  That ought to tell you how long ago it was.  The whole margarita thing wasn’t even a part of their culture yet.  Then they built a bar to serve margaritas while you waited in line.  Soon after that they “improved” the fries and whatever they did ruined them forever.  It’s still a great quick meal and it won’t break the bank, but I miss its hole in the wall days.

My last Chili’s fix was in Wylie and I ordered from their “guiltess” menu.  Unfortunately, the waitress was not familiar with their latest menu changes.  After taking our order she disappeared for awhile and then came back to inform me that they didn’t have exactly what I was ordering anymore, but that she could get it exactly as they used to serve it.  That seemed odd, but I wasn’t in an arguing mood so I said sure – I told her I just liked what I saw on the menu.

What I saw on the menu was a small sirloin with avocado slices (have you noticed a trend here).  What I got had no avocado slices.  I wasn’t happy.  I pointed out the error to the waitress and she was all kinds of sorry, but she didn’t bring me any avocado slices.  Neither did the manager who came to apologize.  Come on guys, all I wanted was some avocado slices.  Somewhat of a fail, but not enough to keep me away.  They’ll be convenient in my new home, because there’s a location right in Rockwall, I-30 at Horizon.

BJ’s Brewhouse

OK, BJ’s  is turning me into a regular client.  Somewhere along the way they got me to join their loyalty program and it keeps luring me back, time after time.  BOGO’s, free this, free that and great food.  It doesn’t hurt that the restaurant is also one of Bill’s favorites.

If I’m gonna cheat and have pizza, then this is one of those places this will happen.  They’ve got a light microbrew beer called Lightswitch which goes great with the pizza and the beer only has 103 calories.  If I’m good I’ll go to the EnLIGHTened Menu and have the Mediterranean Chicken Pita Tacos.  We’re talking yum-yum!  Who cares whether it’s enlightened or not, because the tacos are delish!  (The pearlized orzo is not so delicious.  I’ve told them to change to the non-pealized type and I’m watching.)  There are a lot of BJ’s around Dallas, but when we get to Heath the nearest BJ’s fix will be Town East.

Palio’s Pizza Cafe

Here’s another place where I’ll cheat the diet and have pizza.  Palio’s helps me feel better about that by offering a whole wheat crust.  Bill likes it because not only do they have great pizza, but he can bring in his own wine.  We like the King.  We’ve scouted out locations for this favorite spot all over Dallas.  “Our” location is currently in Rowlett on 66 at Dalrock Road, but as soon as the Heath house is finished we’ll be moving our loyalty to the Rockwall location at Horizon and Ridge Road.

Next time you just can’t decide what you want to eat, this list should help you out a little bit.  Enjoy!

DESTINATIONS, DFW Metroplex, Restaurants & Bars, Road Trips, TRAVEL

Taking the Bait and Hook, Line and Sinker

We're hooked!
We’re hooked!


We have a new favorite among our local hangouts: Hook, Line & Sinker.

New to Far North Dallas, Not New to Dallas

Now Hook, Line & Sinker is not new to Dallas.  There’s been one on Lemmon for a long time.  I remember decades ago when I thought it was a biker bar, but it’s always been a restaurant.  The bikers just happen to know something good when they find it.

But it’s new to my neighborhood.  When I moved here, a Taco Cabana was at the corner of Preston Road and Baymar.  I was sad to see it go, but then I haven’t been to a Cabana lately.  They have two strikes against them.  They abandoned me and then took my favorite item, rotisserie chicken, off the menu.  After Taco Cabana left, the building at Preston and Baymar stood empty for a long time.

We were happy when signs of life became apparent on the corner and I was even happier when I saw what it was going to be.  So were our neighbors.  From the moment it opened it seemed as if the parking lot was covered in cars.  We waited for the crowds to slow down, but finally gave up and joined the melee.

Our First Visit

The first time was a Saturday afternoon.  My healthy husband got the grilled catfish and the not-so-healthy me got a fried shrimp basket.  He loved his meal and couldn’t decide which part was best, the fish or the vegetables.  He reveled in trying out all the hot sauces and declared we’d be visiting often.

My delight was equal to his.  Instead of some kind of thick breading, the shrimp is dusted with corn meal and deep fried. The french fries were also very good. Hot, crispy and non-greasy.  Of course, we agreed that the big frosty schooners of beer were the absolute best part of the meal.

Back Again

We drove the first time we visited because we were out running errands, but a couple of Friday nights ago we walked up there. Yup, it’s that close.  We were lucky enough to grab a table on the patio and repeated our food orders from before.  When you find perfection, why fool around with it.

On the Saturday afternoon, everyone was out on the patio and the tables inside were virtually empty, but on Friday night every seat in the place was full – inside and out. Whenever you go, you won’t find yourself alone, but none of the staff will ever try to hurry you along.  Linger as desired.

Because this is a new location, the landscaping is also new, but we’re looking forward to when it grows.  If there is a downside to Hook, Line & Sinker, it’s Preston Road.  The restaurant is recessed away from the immediate corner, but still, Preston is right there, with all the cars whizzing by.  However, they’ve planted bamboo – and you know how bamboo is.  By next week there should be  a forest.  Well, maybe not by next week, but soon.

Anyway, we love Hook, Line & Sinker and want all of you to visit it often.  We want it to become a permanent fixture.  Next time you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and try it, but don’t fail to call us.  We can join you in minutes.