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Dallas Consignment Stores III

Dallas Consignment Stores
A Treasure from Again and Again


So we’ve been out all day.  We’ve found one thing we loved and a bunch that were interesting, but not what we were looking for.  We sort of want to quit, but there’s enough time for one more, maybe.

Again and Again

You have got to go here.  It’s at the edge of the Design District on Riverfront – just a block off Dragon Street, which is reason enough to visit.  It’s like the Land of Unwanted Toys, but all the toys are furniture, and like the Land of Unwanted Toys, it’s full of possibilities.

If refurbishing and re-purposing furniture were my passion, this would be ground zero.  I can just see some designer -to-the-stars swishing in and pointing to a truckload of stuff.  Then I flash-forward to the star’s housewarming party and everybody is blown into next week, if not the next century, because everything in the house is so cool.  The designer saw style in the avocado green paint and chrome lamps, but first he cleaned it.

Since refurbishing and re-purposing furniture is not my passion, I kinda didn’t want to touch anything, because the whole place is something less than sanitary.  I should know…I visited their restroom.  All that being said, you really need to go here.  They said they’d only been there a couple of years, but it sort of looks like some of this stuff might have been living there awhile when the shop arrived.

Most of the stuff was interesting but unusable in my French Chateau on the Golf Course.  Then there was the marble-topped cabinet.

We were the only people in the warehouse storefront when we started.  As we wandered around the cabinet caught our eye, but it needed some love – which takes us back to that whole refurbishing/re-purposing thing.We weren’t sure we were the right folks to love it back into someone’s home.  As we checked out the other nooks and crannies of the store several more people came in.  Like us, they kept they’re hands close to their bodies, just in case one of the unwanted toys tried to reach out and grab them.  That is until they approached our cabinet.  Then they were all over it.  Testing the doors and feeling the inlaid wood.  You” be glad to know that I did not run over and swat any of their hands.

As soon as we were alone in the store again, Bill made a bee line to the front desk.  Of course he’s playing it cool, wringing his hands that the thing is in such pitiful condition.  Newsflash!  We would have paid full price and considered ourselves lucky.  Taking his lead I stood around with my arms crossed shaking my head a lot and opining that it was just too much for us to take on.  I listed all the possible craftsmen, including a locksmith, that we’d have to employ to make it usable.  Meanwhile I was wringing my hands in glee.  Yep – we bought it and we got a great deal on it!  Look for it soon in our new home.

Our day was over, but our consignment store adventures are not.  There’s still a dining table to buy.  Come back next week and I’ll finish my tale.