Dior at the DMA


The invitation was delicious.  Dior, Dallas Museum of Art, Celebration, Cocktail Attire, 100 Haute Couture Dresses…  It sounded like something I dreamed up rather than a real invitation in the physical mailbox at the edge of my lawn.  I replied to the affirmative immediately, lest the dream slip away.  I marked my calendar and told my husband to mark his.  Come along and enjoy the opening event of Dior: From Paris to the World.

Cocktail Attire

I confess, I’m that lady who gets all dressed up for church each Sunday.  It’s not that I think God expects it or that I am impressing Him or my fellow congregants.  I just like an excuse to get dressed up.  I despair in a world where glitter is added to shredded blue jeans and one of the perks of an event is that you don’t have to get dressed up.  Please world, let’s get dressed up a little more often.  Let’s fix our hair, wear pantyhose and make our occasions special.  While I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing 100 Haute Couture Dresses, I was almost as excited to have a reason to pull out my good stuff and get all gussied up.

Arriving at the museum I was happy to see that most of my fellow art folks had also enjoyed the excuse to get dressed up.  Men wore suits and tuxes.  Women had their hair up and took the opportunity to wear glamorous attire, including uncomfortable shoes and glittering jewelry.  Unfortunately, that was not universally so.  I wondered if the under-dressed were “doing their own thing” or they actually thought what they had on was cocktail attire. For some, I fear it was the latter rather than the former, but I also fear a great many of them just didn’t care and I thought that was sad.


The DMA deserves some praise for the evening’s activities.  Lord knows I’ve given them enough grief over the last few years.  The Dior Opening Celebration made me proud of my museum. 

The food was both interesting and tasty.  There had been some failing on both aspects in recent years, which made me long for the cheese cubes and fruit with guac and tostados of old.  My mom used to live for the strawberries they’d serve.  I couldn’t name everything on the buffet tables sprinkled in courtyards and the atrium for Dior, but it was beautiful to behold and delicious.  They’d gotten their sponsors to ante up some nice beverages, too.  On arrival we were each given two tickets, one for champagne, the other for a glass of rose.  Should those beverages not suit you or you desired more than two drinks, there was a cash bar.

Other delights included a photo booth sponsored by Air France.  The airline also displayed some of their vintage flight attendant uniforms, which, in the day, would have been worn by stewardesses.  The very best thing was watching my fellow guests.  There was a spirit of je ne sais quoi in the air, but it seemed the participants in comfortable shoes and variations on yoga pants were impervious to it.  They huddled in separate groups from the bejeweled and bedazzled, completely unimpressed by pickled asparagus and beignets.  I was enjoying every moment of the event.

Ah, but I’ve used up all my words for today on the celebration and haven’t yet reached the 100 Haute Couture Dresses.  So can you come back next week?  We’ll take a peek at those divine dresses together.  The galleries were crowded, but I soaked up what I could.  In just a few hours I’m returning for my second look and I can give you a better report then. Until then, do something glamorous and enjoy this morsel.


2 thoughts on “Dior at the DMA”

  1. I always enjoy an excuse to wear a dress and look like a feminine being. That’s one reason I enjoy our Victorian Village so much in November and December as I get to wear long dresses and beautiful hats and capes. It makes me feel like a woman.

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