Take Note of This


My poor husband!  We could retire if he’d gotten a nickle for every time I complained about the challenges of dealing with my smartphone.  He thought he was doing me the world’s biggest favor and I pined for my flip phone.

The Galaxy NOTE 5

As the end of our old service contract arrived, I began to lobby for the Galaxy NOTE.  Mind you,it was the Galaxy NOTE 4 I was touting and the primary reason I liked it was the stick.  I thought if I could just relieve the problem of my fat fingers on the tiny keyboard at least I might start to text.  I’d also heard the pictures were better.

Bill is great about research.  He has virtually researched every facet of our lives, from which vitamins we should take to which car we might buy next.  So, Bill did intense research on the NOTE and discovered NOTE 5 was supposed to be ever so much better than NOTE 4.

The NOTE 5 had just landed in stores when we strolled into the Rockwall Verizon store and got me one.  I couldn’t wait to play with it.  The nice guy at the store transferred everything from my old phone to my new phone and I was suddenly in business.  I was also suddenly in love.

I’d been ready to use the stick for virtually everything, but the first thing I discovered was the phone was just a tad big bigger than my previous phone and that tad was just enough to render my fingers not quite so fat.  I became a texting fool.

I also filled up my screens with all kinds of apps.  I barely put anything on my old phone which was not related to making calls.  Suddenly I had all my emails, all my social media, all my shopping apps, all my travel apps and a variety of games, right there at the tip of my not so fat fingers.

When it came to the stick, I loved it.  Because the phone was that tad bigger, I didn’t need it for dialing and texting, like I thought I would, but I found other reasons to love it.  Action memos are my friend.  I take down lecture notes, write down things I want to research and all kinds of things.  I particularly like it for drawing maps and illustrations.

Bill forecast that I would lose the pen in the first week and he’s rarely wrong, but here it is almost four years later and I’m still sporting the same stick.

One of the first photos taken with my new NOTE 5

But What About Those Pictures

I got into this discussion of smartphones because we were talking about cameras.  The world was taking great pictures with their smartphones and up until the NOTE 5 arrived in my life, I was excluded from the fun.  Suddenly, I could take great pictures with my phone, too.  These days Bill has a newer phone than me and he disdains taking pictures with mine, but I’m still happy as a clam.

On our trips to the Danube in 2017 and Egypt in 2018 we carried along our Nikon D3100 and got amazing shots with it, but we probably took just as many pictures with our phones.  The photos sit side-by-side in my scrapbooks and you’d be hard pressed to guess which one were taken with which devices.

During 2019, we traveled to Punta Cana and Cancun with only our smartphones for photos.  Our trusty Nikon D3100 had been replaced by another DSLR – but that camera was all business.  So I guess this is where I tell you how we ended up in the real estate photography business!  Come back next week and I will.

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