A Shift to Digital

Carnival Cruise
Not Loving Digital


So, with my new career in real estate, scrapbooking took a backseat, but only professionally.  I was still an avid scrapbooker.

Time Marches On

In Los Osos, my scrapbooking was confined to a desk in the guestroom, but when we moved to Pismo Beach I had a huge office of my own with an entire section of the room devoted to my once-again hobby.  But something was happening in the scrapbooking world.  It was going digital.  Creative Memories embraced the change, but at the same time it tried to juggle the needs of traditional scrapbookers.  As it turns out, they didn’t do either very well and eventually had to be completely overhauled.

I was also caught in the battle between analog and digital.  Digital photography was great for my real estate career, but it wasn’t as much fun for my scrapbooking.  When photographing our listings, we’d use a digital camera, so the images would be easy to upload to the internet, but for everything else I wanted my “real” camera. 

I tried all the digital scrapbook tools, but they just weren’t as satisfying to me as physically cropping my pictures and putting them on the page with stickers, decorations and journaling.  I found plenty of reasons to scrapbook.  I served as historian for several  organizations and kept pouring out albums of my life and travels.   For all these tasks, I was very attached to my 35mm camera. 

The Changes Keep Coming

After a few years we abandoned California.  When I left, I let my real estate career stay behind, but my scrapbooking and all my scrapbooks came back to Texas with me.  I tried to make another go of my career as a CM Consultant, but as Creative Memories cratered, I gave it up completely.  Besides, I went back to college and who has time for anything else when you are in school.

Then we went on a cruise and for the first time, I took a digital camera with me.  Thankfully, Bill also took the 35mm or I wouldn’t have any decent pictures of the trip.  I may have decided to go digital, but I didn’t know what I was doing.

I gave printing my own photos a shot when I came home and the results were horrid.  I really honestly meant to have them printed professionally, but somehow I managed to delete the photos before I got around to doing that.  So all I had were the hideous images I had printed out.  I’m just grateful I kept them or I would have no proof whatsoever that I had been to Dzibilchaltun! 

Not a Fan of Digital

The loss of the cruise photos was only part of my problems with digital.  I didn’t like the viewfinder screen on the digital pocket camera.  I still prefer the old-fashioned view finder that you put up to your eye. 

Digital also seemed slow.  You took the picture and then had to wait before you could take the next one.  We had a pretty nice digital camera, but I was never friends with it.  So we stuck to our 35mm and spent lots and lots of money on developing pictures.

Another change was coming, but let’s wait until next week.


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