The Beach and The Boat


So after a long morning of cultural sightseeing, Uncle Chewy had a busload of hungry tourist.  That’s OK, because he had that covered, too.  We were on our way to a beach club.


Uncle Chewy had a treat in store.  I have no idea what the name of the beach club was, so I guess to enjoy their delicious feast you’ll need to go on his tour.  That’s fine, really, because it was a great tour.

The stop would have been worth it just for the restrooms – really nice and clean, but that was just the beginning.  Food was served buffet style, forget everything I’ve whined about concerning buffets on this cruise.  This was everything you want a buffet to be. The menu was the Yucatan’s answer to Tex-Mex.  Chips with Cheez-whiz, this kind of taco, that kind of fajita and all kinds of wonderful.

My favorite thing was their answer to rice and beans.  The rice was akin to the sticky rice usually found with Oriental foods, but instead of anything that we get with Tex-Mex in Dallas, the beans were in the form of a gravy poured over the rice. Oh my!  Heavenly.  The taco had pickled veggies in it and I thought that was interesting.

One plateful was more than anyone needed, but you were welcomed back for seconds if you wanted them.  I was more captivated by the $4 Margaritas.  On the boat they were $12!  They weren’t exactly what I was expecting and I realized that would be the case when I saw them pouring Fresca into it.  Now I love Fresca, but in my Margarita?  It was refreshing, but I didn’t return for seconds.


After lunch we were given an hour or so to play on the beach.  We hadn’t brought out suits and even if we had, it was a little chilly for swimming.  It was just perfect for a little hammock time though!

Too soon it was time to go back to the bus and return to Progresso.  Once we arrived I wanted to pick up a few souvenirs, but there really wasn’t much of interest, until I saw the vanilla.  Then I remembered how my mom loved for people to bring her vanilla from Mexico, because it is supposed to be the best.  I picked up several bottles for me and for some friends.  Then back on the boat.

The Unusual and the Usual

That evening at 6 PM was Remember When Rock Was Young, an Elton John Tribute Show.  I was a little apprehensive.  The RCDS troupe had already ruined the 70’s.  I was scared to think what they would do to Elton John.  To my distinct relief, it was a very good Elton John impersonator and the troupe was no where in sight!  How refreshing!

Dinner was the usual.  Not awful enough to gag you, but not good enough to brag on, either.  Usually my journal is full of remarks about wonderful dishes and desserts I’ve tried.  After the second day, I didn’t say anything about food at all.  That ought to tell you something.

The big event of the evening was winning The Love and Marriage Game Show, but you’ll have to come back next week for that.


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