Doings at the DMA


Doubling down seems to be the latest thing at the DMA.   A few months ago the DMA  invited me to an event featuring Divine Cats and Cocktail accouterments.  We enjoyed the cats and cocktails, but it did seem an incongruous pairing.  You can still visit the cocktail exhibit and I recommend you do, but the cats have escaped.

Fashion and Fighters

If cats and cocktails seem like a weird combo, then you’re not going to believe this one. Couture and combat!  That’s what the latest invitation from the DMA featured.

Yes, that beheaded-swan-looking-thing is one fashion designers idea of a dress – and there’s more where that came from.  I’m excited when the DMA does fashion, which is one of their recurring themes, but Iris van Herpen’s fashions, while fascinating, don’t make me want to go out and buy one of her dresses.  I’m always interested when fashion is artful, but in my humble opinion, if fashion is so preoccupied with being artsy that I can’t imagine wearing it, then perhaps it isn’t fashion after all.

One of my all time favorite shows at the DMA was Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.  I can’t say that I would wear every item in every gallery of the exhibition, but there were enough of them that I wanted to rip off the mannequins to keep me awestruck.  I’d say Ms. Herpen’s dresses had me awestruck, but not because I could imagine wearing them.  As I tried to describe the fashions to a friend, all I could think of was the fanciful creations for The Hunger Games and apparently I wasn’t too far off.

Entry to the museum and the exhibit are free, so I do suggest you go see what I mean, especially if you liked some of the Katniss costumes.   (Or Lady Gaga’s more outrageous stuff.  I discovered Iris had a hand in those, too.)

How About Some Etchings?

Back in pre-history (as in when I was growing up), ‘going to see someone’s etchings’ was a euphemistic way to suggest hanky-panky.   No one every told me that.  I just picked it up from context clues and wiggly eyebrows.  Prints of all sorts have been an inexpensive way for the average joe to collect art and guys have been using art to seduce women for a long time – probably dates back to cave drawings!

While I love art, I’m always quick to admit that I love some of it more than I love other things.  Prints are one of the other things.  Lithographs, etchings, intaglio, aquatints – the list of print types is long.  While I could probably write a pretty good essay on the subject (good enough for an art appreciation exam) I’d be hard-pressed to drum up much emotion. for the art form.

The current prints on exhibition at the DMA are from the National Gallery of Art.  There’s about 150 of them spanning three centuries.  While you’re there gaping at what Iris van Herpen calls fashion, you might as well drop into the print exhibit, too.

Mexican Avant-Garde Artists

I’m loathe to admit this, but I haven’t been to this exhibit, yet.  On the evening of the exhibit opening, we had other plans, so I turned my invitation over to a friend.  She and her hubby loved it, but the only time I’ve been back since was for the party last week and the Avant-Garde was unavailable.  So, I’ve still got to go and I only have until the middle of June to do so.  If like me you haven’t made it yet, hurry up.  You don’t want to miss Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

There’s always plenty to see at the DMA, even when you aren’t particularly interested in the current exhibit.  Entry to the museum is always free, but you might have to pay for some of the big shows, like the Mexican Avant-Gardes.  They’ve got some new food venues you should check out and across the street is Klyde Warren Park, a place we love.  Also near-by is the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art.  Oh, and just around the corner is the Perot Museum and across the bridge, the delightful food experience of Trinity Grove.  So get out there and get some culture in your summer.


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