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Savor in Klyde Warren Park

Diners enjoying the Savor Patio
Diners enjoying the Savor Patio


Saturday night is a fun time to visit Downtown Dallas.  The vibe is great, but not overwhelming.  Savor Gastropub in Klyde Warren Park had been on my list for a long time, but I hadn’t made it there until recently. Let me tell you about my visit!

I Heard About It First from Mom

I found out about Klyde Warren Park long before they ever broke ground.  My mother was a faithful reader of the Dallas Morning News and she culled out the latest and greatest bits to share with me.  Every Thursday when I showed up for our weekly adventures, she’d bring out the articles she’d saved for me throughout the week.  She never had an email address or signed into the worldwide web, but she always seemed to have a better grasp of what was happening in Dallas than me, for all my constant attention to the internet and my email box full of press releases and announcements.

I remember the day she showed me the article about the park.  I was amazed that someone had dreamed up the idea of building a park in thin air.  Typically, Mom was more interested in the restaurant they were planning to build.  Back in those days, it was supposed to be called “Windows on the Park” and though it ended up with a different name, it certainly has plenty of windows.

When the park opened, Windows on the Park was still in the plans, but had not been built.  After my first visit with my bestie on her birthday, it was time for me to take Mom.  Unfortunately, her health was failing and she wasn’t up to strolling through the park.  Ever hopeful she sat in the car beside me as we drove around it taking in every detail.  “When the restaurant opens I’ll be stronger and we can have lunch there.”  She didn’t get stronger, but her hope never failed her.  On her last coherent day we were still talking about eating at Windows on the Park and visiting the George Bush Library.

Fast Forward a Few Years

When the restaurant finally opened, I didn’t immediately visit.  I couldn’t imagine going without Mom.  Then I heard it was having some troubles building a clientele.  Eventually I heard it was turned into Savor and I assumed it was associated with Savour, a tasting restaurant by the folks who also do Bonnie Ruth’s, but I was wrong.  (Apologies to you my faithful readers.  Though I have eaten at both Bonnie Ruth’s and Savour, it was back when my primary focus was care-giving and I failed to review them.  Both are wonderful and you should go!)

All that being said, a Saturday night rolled around for which we had no obligations and we decided it was time to hit the streets.  I texted one of my good friends and asked her if she and her husband wanted to join us.  They were in.  I suggested two restaurants and asked her which sounded best to her.  Here’s where I have to complain about automatic spellchecker.  I typed in “Savor Gastropub” and Mr. Spellchecker decided I didn’t know what I was typing and corrected it to “Savor Gastrointestinal Pub.”  My friend still agreed to eat there!  Forever and always, I will not be able to think about this restaurant without thinking of Mr. Spellchecker’s version of their moniker.

Good Food, Amazing Location

I have to tell you we had a wonderful evening.  I also have to tell you that you can’t park at the museum and have dinner at Savor.  Being members, we always park at the DMA whenever we visit that part of town, because members park free.  However, we found out the museum parking closes at nine.  It’s hard to get back to your car by nine, when your dinner reservation is for 7:45.  So, we maneuvered around a few blocks and valet parked at the restaurant.

We chose to eat inside, because we thought the unpredictable spring weather might get chilly; especially since it was a little breezy when we arrived.  The breeze died and it didn’t get chilly, so I’m sorry we didn’t choose patio seating.  When our meal was over, it was perfect outside.  I highly recommend you enjoy your meal on the patio.

Even though we were inside, our meal was delightful and our service attentive.  Bill and I both had the pork tenderloin, which was seriously wonderful.  Our friends started with the Oysters “Rockefeller” which they adored.  Her hubby opted for the scallops and she had the evening special which was a seafood dish, both of which they recommend.

Then it was time for dessert.  Bill and I shared their version of German Chocolate Cake.  It was delicious, but while it was very chocolaty, I couldn’t figure out what was German about it.  The chocolate was dark chocolate.  The icing was gooey chocolate.  I don’t remember any nuts, but there was a little coconut tucked into the middle of the cake.  As wonderful as it was, I was a little disappointed, because I had my mouth all primed for a German Chocolate Cake like my momma used to make.  Our friends shared the Creme Brulee and are convinced it was the best they’ve ever tasted.

So get down there and enjoy a meal at Savor Gastrointestinal  Gastropub.  Sit on the patio and then when you’re through, do what we did, take a stroll in the park.

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