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Jaguar and The Audition

A Jag sure looks good on me!
A Jag sure looks good on me!


Having a Jag in my garage is at the top of my bucket list.  I fell in love with the XKE in 1966, when I visited my first State Fair of Texas.  At the time I didn’t even have a driver’s license, but that sleek little convertible imprinted itself on my heart and has never been replaced by anything else on wheels.  So, you can imagine my absolute glee when we received an email inviting us to The Art of Performance, a Jaguar event which included a test drive on a closed track.  We couldn’t RSVP fast enough!

Venue: Deep Ellum’s Bomb Factory

Just follow the paw prints.
Just follow the paw prints.

Jaguar I knew.  The Bomb Factory, not so much.  Even if I had known about it, I’m not sure I would have gone.  It’s a music and event venue in Deep Ellum. I googled them  to check out what else was coming to their space, but having not recognized any of the groups scheduled to play there, I doubt I’ll be a regular.  However, it was perfect for the Jag event.

We gave our car to the valet staff and followed the jaguar paw prints to the entrance, where we were signed in, given our wristbands and offered beverages.  We were in!  Let the fun begin.


Dreams are Made of Such as This

I’m aware of the fact that I could stroll into a Jaguar dealer and fondle their merchandise any time I wanted to, but I’ve been in sales and I know those people are trying to make a living.  Since a Jag is not in my budget, I don’t want to take up their time kicking their tires.  I carry on my love affair from afar.

At The Art of Performance event, I was encouraged to “get in the cars, take pictures and have fun.”  So I did.  We started in the new XE and I’ll admit that I would have been perfectly happy to drive it out of The Bomb Factory and into my garage.  From there I tried on a F-Type coup.  It felt like it was going fast, even though it was standing still.  The passenger side is equipped with a handle for the faint of heart.  If Bill was driving, I’d probably find a need for it.  Then I climbed in the convertible.  It fit like a glove.

The Audition

Taking a look at all the Jaguar’s was fun, but we knew we’d actually get to drive one, so we were anxious to keep moving.  We passed through a divider of black curtains found ourselves in a line.  We were about to be movie stars!  Jaguar had set up some actual  movie sets and were going to incorporate shots of us into a great little video.  I won’t give away all their secrets, but I will let you take a look at my video.  It’s a lot of fun.

The Drive

Next was our test drive, but forget going around the block!  We hopped into Jag with a professional race car driver and then Bill got to drive over to one of the big Fair Park parking lots which had been set up with an oval course.  At the course, Bill climbed into one of the top of the line XE’s and made the most of his two trips around the track.  He was exhilarated by the experience.  I also made a couple of turns around the track, but at a much more modest pace – not that I found it any less exhilarating.

Ticket to Ride!
Ticket to Ride!

The fun still wasn’t over, because we had to drive back to The Bomb Factory.  Here’s what a great wife I am.  I let Bill drive back.  My purpose was two-fold.  The thought of driving a brand new car with Bill as my audience made me nervous, but I also wanted to give Bill all the time behind the wheel that I could.

My ploy worked.  By the time we got back to Deep Ellum Bill was regretting the recent purchase of his Mercedes Benz CLA, comparably priced with the XE .  He really wants one of these sweet kitty cat rides.   I may end up with a Jaguar in my garage yet, but even then, I’ll have to ask permission to drive it.

And Speaking of Kitty Cats 

Hamming it up with the green screen.
Hamming it up with the green screen.

After the ride, we were invited back into the event for snacks and beverages.  It was quite the let down, but after driving a Jag around a racetrack, I guess anything would be!

There was a photo booth where people were getting there picture made with a virtual jaguar of the fur-covered type.  No way we could just go and stand next to a white box.  Bill staged a bit of fun for us.

This green screen stuff seems to be all the rage and we really enjoy it.  Both the DMA and Mercedes Benz have included green screen at recent events.

Back to Reality

After getting our kitty picture, we found the food.  Veggie skewers, crisp pita and hummus, soft ginger cookies and some muffins.  The beverages were the same as offered at the beginning – bottled water and canned coffee drinks.  I was thinking champagne and chocolate covered strawberries might have been more appropriate, but they didn’t ask.  There was naturally logo-emblazoned merchandise you could buy, but I want the car, not a puffy jacket or a t-shirt.

On our way out they asked us to fill out a survey and for doing so, they gave me a kitty cat key ring.  Not sure what I’ll do with it, yet.  I won’t insult it by putting my Nissan Altima key on it.  Thank you Jaguar for a really great evening.  We won’t be forgetting it anytime soon and you just might be seeing us in your showroom!



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