3 thoughts on “20160225_110709_002”

  1. P.S. sorry for all the typos! I didn’t mean to send it until I’d proofread, but the best-laid plans can fall to the fumble-fingers. 😉


  2. How odd — did you know there’s a Price sculpture of Franklin that’s almost exactly the same in McMinnville, Oregon? His facial expression is slightly different and the surface details vary, such as the wrinkles in his clothing and the strands of his hair, etc., but it’s basically the same piece. I guess I never realized that sculptors could make the same piece again and again if it was popular. Live and learn.inreally love Price’s work, especially with children as subjects. And for the record, I love Sacajawea too (I’m a card-carrying, registered Native American — Choctaw tribe), but I love that Oprah is going to come first I’m the series. There’s something to be said for celebrating living, breathing heroes and heroines — especially female ones. Imagine all those little girls in the garden seeing the sculpture of Oprah and being able to connect the idea that she’s not just someone in a story — not just a figure from distant history — but a real-live, dynamic and powerful woman who is working to make the world a better place for them, right this minute! As one of its most basic functions, art can make the world more beautiful, but if it succeeds at a higher higher level, it can change the way a child sees that world and her place in it, inspiring a soul to reach for a star. I’d say Oprah is definitely one of those stars.


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