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The Highest Point in Dallas County


So, a couple of students from India come to a small Catholic University in the US.  There they meet, fall in love and borrow a typewriter on campus to start an international company, which in turn, makes them rich beyond their wildest dreams.  Sounds like the plot to a Bollywood movie, right?  Nope, just another UD success story!

Ribbon Cutting on the Hill

The University of Dallas does a great job keeping their alumni, like my hubby, plugged into their campus.  Just a few weeks ago I reviewed one of their fall stage productions.  In mid- January, we attended the ribbon-cutting for the new SB Hall of the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

Remarkably the outdoor ceremony couldn’t have been more pleasant, even if it was in the middle of January.  The day was absolutely perfect – bright sunshine, no wind and you could see forever from the the hill where the new building is located.  Until I attended the ceremony, I did not realize the campus included the highest point in Dallas.

Perhaps even more surprising than the weather was the crowd.  This is Texas after all, so a perfect day in January is remarkable, but not all that rare.  However, hundreds of people showing up for a ribbon cutting at a local university is pretty amazing.  A free glass of champagne is nice, but it was 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon.  Where did all those people come from?

I groaned as I sat down and looked over my program.  Welcome and Introduction of, Invocation, Introduction of, Remarks, Introduction of and on and on and on!  Then the remarks started and I was able to start piecing together the amazing story of Satish & Yasmin Gupta.  By the time the principles of the event got up for the keynote remarks I was sitting on the edge of my seat.  Who were these people and what in the world was SB International?

Their’s is an amazing story – the kind we need to hear more of.  Delightfully humble people who get a hand, just when they need it most, and never quit reaching back to give a hand to others.  People who are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to borrow a typewriter.  People who appreciate someone picking a weed and leaving it on their desk as a gift.  In these days of expectations of great entitlement for little-to-no effort, I was greatly refreshed.

As each stepped to the podium they downplayed their spectacular success in the world of business and focused on borrowed typewriters, dandelions and friendship.  The world is full of success stories, but how many of those successful people are well-acquainted with humility, gratitude and generosity.  I seem to see a lot more hubris, greed and excess.

SB Hall, Looking Ahead

Perhaps it’s true that what goes around, comes around.  SB Hall came in on budget, before the deadline and without the need for a single change order.  How often does that happen?  Dallas County has a wonderful new building on its highest point.  Touring the building I was impressed with the careful planning with which it was created and the many innovations included.  Even more impressive were the plans in store for the future as their first doctorate class works toward their theses.

Bill and I are frequently surprised to discover successful people throughout the Metroplex and the world hail from his alma mater.  With the introduction of SB Hall, we believe the university is poised for even greater successes.  Congratulations UD and thank you to the Guptas of SB International.

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