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Travel Show Tidbits

Don’t you just love a gorgeous travel brochure?


Allow me to interrupt my nostalgic travel stories to share some tidbits I picked up at a recent travel show.  It was presented by CTC Travel, a local travel agent.  Unlike the Travel and Adventure extravaganza landing in Dallas in a couple of weekends (I have my tickets.  Do you have yours?) which fills up a large section of the Dallas Convention Center, this show fits nicely into a couple of meeting rooms in Richardson’s Hyatt Hotel.  There were only forty or so vendors and no zip-lining, belly dancing or cooking shows.  However, for me, the afternoon was well-spent and I thank CTC for offering it to us, especially since they do so for free.

Gorgeous Travel Brochures  

There is little that gives me more pleasure than a gorgeous travel brochure.  Sure, I love to watch travel shows on TV and I spend a lot of time researching destinations online, but what really gets my juices flowing and makes me think about what I’m willing to sacrifice to go to faraway places is a delicious catalog like the Oceania brochure above.  SCORE!!

My very own travel library
My very own travel agency (minus the agents)

The CTC travel show was a bonanza of travel brochures.  Just in case someone there thought that lady (me), who was grabbing up every brochure in sight, merely took them home where they were never looked at again, just take a look at the impromptu travel agency I set up in my den.  The ottoman features luxury and river cruising, the desk samples yachts and clipper ships, while the sofa has your standard ocean-going lines and the table holds land packages.  Where would you like to go?

But Why a Travel Agent?

After gathering up two tote bags of travel brochures to warm up my winter hibernation, I made my way over to the lecture room just about the time the land package group started a panel discussion.  I stayed there for the rest of the afternoon soaking up travel tidbits.  As I drove home, I realized I had been converted.  For my next cruise I will be calling CTC.

I love planning my rambling road trips and have a great time sifting my hidden gems from Trip Advisor, Expedia et al.   Our trips last from ten to fourteen days and if I choose a loser from time to time, we might have an uncomfortable night or even waste an hour or two, but that’s OK, because there’s plenty of other wonderful experiences waiting for us along the way.  However, if I make a mistake choosing a cruise, then I’m screwed for the whole trip.  I know that from experience.

Our last cruise was a Freestyle Cruise on Norwegian, one of the most frequently-awarded cruise ships on the seas.  I was with my handsome husband and my best friend, so how could that be a bad thing – but I knew we were on the wrong cruise ship.  That’s not Norwegian’s fault.  Thousands of folks will tell you what an amazing cruise Norwegian serves up.  The fault was all ours.  We were looking for a bargain online and we got one.  I am quite sure CTC would have steered us in another direction completely.

Oh my, I’ve already worn out my welcome for today and I have more to tell you.  Well, come back next week and I’ll tell you the rest of the story.




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  1. Interesting. I’ll be helping man our local Visitors Bureau booth at the AAA Expo in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. It is a large extravaganza, and draws in people from all over. I’ll probably pick up some brochures while I’m there and get more ideas for my Gypsy Road Trips.


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