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Eatzi’s, Plano TX


If you lived in Dallas back in 1996, then you will probably remember all the brouhaha that went along with the opening of the first Eatzi’s.  I remember dropping by to pick up a treat and the entire establishment was filled up with Asian visitors all snapping photos at ninety to nothing.  The place was a real sensation and the parking lot was always full.  Almost twenty years have passed, but last time I checked, the parking lot was still full.

Bringing Gourmet to Market

There’s a sushi chef at the Rockwall Kroger offering samples, but it wasn’t always that way.  Back in the day, if you wanted something more than Del Monte and Hormel, then about the only place to get it was a place called Simon David, an upscale supermarket in Highland Park.  Eatzi’s raised the bar.

Forget green beans and canned chili.  You didn’t go to Eatzi’s for groceries.  You went for the experience.  Cram-packed in a teeny tiny building was a bakery and a counter with prepared foods,  as well as lots of specialty cheeses, meats and such.  Dallas loved it.  We could grab a quick sandwich from the frig, sample all kinds of breads, desserts and dips or pick out an entire dinner party from the prepared foods counter.

The next thing we knew, H.E.B. created Central Market, which was like a Simon David with an Eatzi’s inside.  The result?  Kroger has sushi.  Nowadays there are four Eatzi’s, but you’re still going to have a hard time finding a parking spot.

Meet Me at Eatzi’s

The Plano location of this beloved institution is the original Eatzi’s on steroids.  Sure, they have a bakery and a counter with prepared foods, but that’s only the beginning.  The front of the building is a comfortable patio for al fresco dining.  Right inside the door is a barista who would love to make you a cappuccino.  There are also a few tables for indoor dining and microwaves for heating up your goodies.  On the right side of the store is a counter putting together amazing salad and sandwich creations.  On the left is a grill that will whip up a made-to-order meal for you.  And sushi?  Of course, there’s a sushi bar next to the grill.

I’m lucky, the Plano location is just around the corner from Lenicam, where I work part-time.  If I need to go anywhere after work, it’s easy to pick up a delicious (and nutritious) meal.  It’s not cheap mind you, but well worth the coin.  I also say, “Meet me at Eatzi’s,” a lot .

Come back next week and see what I have on my menu!

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