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Grapevine’s Christmas Fairyland

Grapevine TX, Capital of Christmas
Grapevine TX, Capital of Christmas


Sunday evening my husband and I spent a wonderful evening in Grapevine, which claims to be the Christmas Capital of Texas.  The only dim spot of the night was dinner, but I’ll save that for later.  Let me tell you why you should hurry to Grapevine for a visit with Saint Nick.

Marvelous, Wonderful, Fantastic

I cannot say enough good things about the Grapevine Christmas experience.  The charming downtown area is decked out to the max.  We strolled along hand-in-hand, doing some window shopping and popping into galleries to see more than we could see from the sidewalk.  I’ve included pictures below.  At one gallery we visited with local artists whose paintings hung on the wall.  At another we watched glass blowers create unique decorations for your holiday tree.  The weather was perfect and we had a blast.

We promised ourselves not to be strangers to Grapevine.  We may not be completely fond of Grapefest, but when those crowds go home, there’s a very charming town to enjoy.  There were plenty of people there for the holiday season, but not the thundering (drunk) horde that dampened our enthusiasm for the wine festival.

Fashion Alert

The fashion policewoman inside me saw a new trend she did not like.  Many of the small children wore flannel nightwear in shades of red & green.  Oh come on mommies of the world.  Pajamas, no matter how cute they are, belong at home and were made for sleeping.  No wonder the younger generation can’t figure out how to dress. If moms can’t even teach them when not to wear their pajamas out into the world.  As bad as the small fry in pajamas were, that wasn’t the worst of it.  Several groups of adults were also strolling about in their jammies.

The alarming thing to me is that I know worse is yet to come.  Whatever one person does, there will be someone else to go one step further and then someone else takes it to the raunchy side.  How long until somebody traipses out in a see-through teddy with faux fur around the nasty bits.

A Charming Night Out for Anyone

I’m not sure whether I would agree with the “Christmas Capital” appellation Grapevine chose for itself, because I am kind of fond of San Antonio for the title.  Hard to beat the Riverwalk all dressed up for the holidays.

Still, Grapevine puts on a great show, even though there is only one street decked out for the season.  They do have the Gaylord Texan Resort which is quite a coup – but it’s still no Riverwalk.

Nonetheless, you should (in the words of Neil Diamond) “pack up the babies and grab the old ladies” because at Christmas time, Grapevine is a treat for the young and the old.  Come back next week and I’ll tell you where not to eat.


3 thoughts on “Grapevine’s Christmas Fairyland”

  1. I definitely like the spirit of Christmas that is displayed, but please let’s leave the pajamas at home! People are even wearing them shopping here. There’s something wrong with that picture.


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