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Card Ninja Smartphone Wallet


We all want less to worry about.  I’ve found a way to reduce your daily baggage: Card Ninja from Cubi!

Technology for Your Stuff

Every day there’s a new app to make life simpler, but we still need stuff –  right?  There are online coupons and we can scan in our bank deposits, but we still need cash, a credit card and ID – and maybe even earbuds.

I have a proper receptacle when a bag is appropriate.  My sweet husband gave me a gorgeous Coach bag a few years ago.  Not one of the cloth styles, but a delicious leather shoulder bag which virtually holds my life.  I can dig up pretty much everything out of there, from a choice of lip colors, to a nylon shopping tote, to an umbrella.  The only problem is I have to carry it and sometimes that’s a problem.

Ditch That Bag

Sometimes it’s all about fashion.  That little black dress I’m wearing to the gala?  Yep, it begs for just-the-right beaded evening bag.  Going for the boho look?  Then maybe the brown suede fringed bag instead.  Oh, and you should see the leopard trimmed black patent clutch to go with my black patent sling-backs.  Wowza!

Other times it’s all about the tonnage.  If we’re just going next door for a drink with our neighbors, why would I want to carry a bag at all?  Or, I’m headed out for a walk.  Or I’m about to spend the day traipsing around a festival.  But I’m going to carry my phone wherever I go – right?

Whether it’s for the fashion or the tonnage, sometimes you have to ditch the bag/briefcase/tote that you normally carry around, but then what do you do with your stuff?

Carefree Hands-free

When you just want to head out with your phone and a few necessities, then Card Ninja is perfect.  It’s a stretchy little pocket that adheres onto your phone with a reliable 3M adhesive.  Tech for your stuff!

Stack up 8 credit cards and take a look.  That’s what Card Ninja will comfortably carry and it doesn’t have to be flat.  You could put earbuds, keys, even a lipstick in there, with the cash and whatever cards you need – the Card Ninja doesn’t care.  Need to accept credit card payments on the go?  The  mobile reader will fit in there.  Want someplace to keep your work badge so you don’t forget it.  I’m telling you, you can be that carefree girl strolling along without the hint of a purse!

Carefree Fashion Statements 


Now apply that to the fashion statements I mentioned.  I don’t know about you, but I dread changing purses.  I just know that every time I do it, I’m going to forget something important – either while trading things out of my usual bag or trading them back in.  Have you ever had to go through all the bags in your closet looking for a business card you got at a party or figuring out which purse you left your credit card in.  Yep – me too.

Here’s where the Card Ninja really gets helpful.  You can keep your most critical items in the Card Ninja ALL the time.  Then whether you’re grabbing your phone to take a walk, loading up your beaded evening bag, or just grabbing up your usual bag, you know that as long as you have your phone, you’re going to have your critical items.

Starting at $9.95 … 0r maybe free!

So, how do you get one?  Well, the Card Ninja starts at $9.95.  You can order it online or you can find it at various retailers.  Their website has a locator.

Or maybe you would like to get one for free?  Yep, just comment below and in a week, I’ll draw a winner!  It could be you!



1 thought on “Card Ninja Smartphone Wallet”

  1. The Card Ninja looks intriguing–but I’m not there yet. I still carry a bag and wallet just filled with everything that I must “might” need. Don’t enter me in the drawing; it should go to someone who would use it. 🙂


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