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The Truckyard on Lower Greenville in Dallas

The Truck Yard in Lower Greenville
The Truck Yard in Lower Greenville


Loree Posard, my friend and Hair Guru Extraordinaire, asked me if I’d been to the Truck Yard and suggested we take a trip to Lower Greenville Avenue to check it out.  I thought that was a great idea, but then before we set up a date for the event, Bill and I found ourselves in the area and couldn’t resist the opportunity to go.  I’ve apologized to Loree for going without her and now I’m telling everyone to go.

The Usual Lower Greenville Parking Hassle

Sunday afternoon, Lower Greenville, same parking challenge.  For the uniformed, Lower Greenville is this charming little residential neighborhood with a wild and crazy entertainment area smack dab in the middle of it.  What’s amazing is that it’s still thriving.

Lower Greenville Avenue has been a popular hangout since I was in high school and that was a long time ago.  Chances are that it was a cool place to hangout even before I was in high school, but I didn’t know about cool before then.  If someone were to use it as a model for other successful entertainment hubs, a shortage of parking would be considered a necessity.  You haven’t been able to park on Lower Greenville Avenue since sometime in the Sixties, as far as I know, because ever since the Seventies it’s been wall-to-wall daily.

20151004_162428The Truckyard is just off Sears Street

The Truck Yard is not on Greenville Avenue.  It’s on a side street.  Just head down Greenville Avenue and watch for the Trader Joe’s.  Turn right after the trendy grocery store and you’ll be on Sears Street.

If you are among the uninformed then you might wonder why there was a Sears Street crossing Greenville Avenue.  Well, it’s there,  because once a pretty important Sears and Roebuck Store sat right in the middle of all this.  However, the store and Roebuck have both moved on to other pastures.

Once you turn onto Sears Street you will immediately notice bright red parking signs informing you where you can and can’t park as the patron of various retail and dining establishments.  I’d pulled my car into a parking spot right across from the Truck Yard because I saw the name of the venue on one of the bright red signs.  However, the bright red sign told me I could park there for the Truck Yard AFTER 9 pm, otherwise I should be visiting Trader Joe’s or a handful of other establishments  I didn’t recognize.

Bill had the bright idea of stopping into the Trader Joe’s and picking up a few items he needed, which we did.  He thought we’d be covered to park in the lot under those circumstances.  The uniformed policemen on hand were not amused by his idea, so we had to move.  Across the street, right next to the Truck Yard is valet parking.  Bill doesn’t do valet parking, so we kept on going and at the end of the block we found some free parking.  Valet parking is fine with me, but how come the valet guy can’t make the trip from the end of block for the valeted cars?  Why did we have to make the pilgrimage from the end of the block. Usually I don’t mind walking, but I’d just spent hours walking around an art festival (and Trader Joe’s and the Trader Joe’s parking lot) so I was ready to park my rear in a seat and drink some beer.

20151004_155612Welcome to Heaven

If you’ve ever been to the Katy Trail Ice House then you know exactly what to expect at the Truck Yard, except that instead of BBQ and Burgers, you eat whatever the food trucks are offering that day.  Yep, it was pretty cool.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

In my imagination, I had anticipated a huge collection of food trucks like we’d seen in downtown Portland, but there were only three – pizza, sliders and healthy stuff.  We opted for sliders and they were good.  A little research since my visit revealed the Truck Yard has some of its own offerings, including a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich which is supposed to be out of this world.

I complained about the food truck selection and Loree thought they had more choices on the weekend, but I checked their website and it looks like they pretty regularly have three trucks there.  Maybe they have others they don’t post on weekends.  You’ll have to let me know.

So, the bottom line is GO!  Here’s some more shots of the place you might enjoy.  Observe the baby bottle standing among the beer bottles on one of the tables. I got a kick out of that.

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