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Got Kids? Go Perot!

Perot's brochure for Creatures of Light
Perot’s brochure for Creatures of Light


Can you say Bio-luminescence?  Do you have any idea what it is? Well, you and your kids can find out all about it at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.  I attended their media preview for Creatures of Light  and here’s what I found out.

Science – Not Just for Nerds Anymore

I’ve got to confess.  Science is not my strong suit.  And Nature?  I love it, but I have no burning desire to know much more about it than I already do.  I like to look at it, walk around in it and take pictures of it, but I’d rather learn about it’s depiction by a particular artist than learn the scientific facts behind any given natural phenomena – that’s just me.

Unlike me, today’s kids are crazy about science.  Take Thomas Surgent’s kids for instance.  Surgent is the Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel for Highland Capital Management, a major sponsor of the exhibition.  Knowing he’d be speaking at the media preview, he asked his girls about their favorite subject at school.  The answer?  Science.  Their second favorite?  Recess!

Their enthusiasm for the subject matched the eagerness I saw at a previous media event, when the museum opened up their new Tech Truck to a group of students.  The kids crawled all over it as if they’d been told Justin Beiber (or whoever has replaced him) were hiding in a cabinet aboard the vehicle.  This science thing is really gaining traction.

Creatures of Light – Science with Recess!  

Colleen Walker, Eugene McDermott Chief Executive Officer of the Perot, was thrilled with the results of Mr. Surgent’s casual poll.  It sums up her goals for the museum exactly.  She encouraged all us media types to drop our adult inhibitions and look at the exhibit through the eyes of our inner child.

Here’s another confession, I didn’t do a good job of dropping my adult inhibitions.  The first thing I did inside the exhibit, darkened to protect fragile sealife, was try to take a picture with my phone.  I thought the flash was off, but of course it wasn’t, so in a space where we’d been warned not to use our flash, I flashed.  My sense of wonder wandered off and I didn’t see the charm of it all.

Then the real kids came in.  Many were wearing their Halloween costumes and all of them were enchanted – oooohing and aaahing their way through huge glowing models of beings, which in real life are tiny, even microscopic.  Suddenly Ms. Walkers admonition to drop our adult inhibitions made more sense.

I made my way back through the darkened exhibit and practiced my innocent wonder.  Mrs. Walker had been right.  All the exhibit needed was a little youthful enthusiasm.  My second look was so much better than the first.  With the help of the exhibit I returned to the backyards of my childhood, catching lightening bugs in a jar.  I entered a cave with glow worms, danced with tiny living luminescence and marveled at odd creatures glowing in the depths of our oceans.

Bring Your Kids or Be a Kid

The magic of bio-luminescence and florescence waits for you at the Perot.  Suspend your disbelief.  The show starts on Halloween and will be at the Perot until February 21, 2016.  There’s a sleepover for the kids on November 6th and Social Science:Glow on January 21st would be  a great date night for the more mature kids.

General admission to the museum for us large kids is $19 and an additional $7 gets you into the world of bio-luminescence.  Prices vary for kids and seniors.  As with our other museums and gardens membership makes sense.  Annual family memberships cost $110, cover your general admission and provide discounts for traveling exhibitions like Creatures of Light, as well as providing other benefits.

Thankfully the museum provided some photos, since yours truly wasn’t able to figure out how to turn off her flash.  Enjoy!



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