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NorthPark Fashion Show News

Ensemble by Mulberry
Ensemble by Mulberry


Last week I started sharing my experiences at NorthPark’s 50th Birthday celebration.  Now it’s time to share the fashions.  Along with the Nordstrom Beauty Trends show, I saw runway shows for Mulberry, Nordstrom, CUSP by Neiman Marcus and Elie Tahari.  Here’s the highlights.


Mulberry is an English company which started out making leather handbags, so it’s not surprising most of the outfits were paired with delicious looking examples of their leather craft.  Being English the ensembles looked a tad warm for the Dallas climate, but I can imagine working individual pieces in around some lighter choices.

The thing which stood out to me most was the great big clunky shoes worn with each outfit.  I’m just not ready for that, especially not a very short dress with dark socks and over-sized loafers.  I imagine my feet would look like I’d taken to wearing cement blocks if I wore some of those sturdy shoes or short boots.  There were also a number of outfits with crop pants, another of my least favorite looks.

However, I think their target audience is significantly younger than I am, so bully for them.  The colors and fabrics were delicious.   I was able to grab a video of the finale with a quick peek at many of their selections. What do you think?

Nordstrom Fashion Show
Nordstrom Fashion Show

Nordstrom Collectors Department

My husband attended this show with me and took over the photography.  To me, theses clothes were prettier than the Mulberry fashions, but I didn’t embrace all of them.  One look that stood out to me was the Herve Leger Bandage Dresses, but it looked more like Bondage.  Bill loved one of the Bandage dresses in Aqua and it was pretty, but I’ve seen one too many bridesmaid dresses in that shade for me to love it.  Missioni offered up several print dresses which looked to me as if they’d been drawn upon by kindergartners.  The gorgeous white dress with red roses is a Dolce & Gabbana.   I’d wear that in a minute.  Which dress do you love?

LOVE it Neiman's!
LOVE it Neiman’s!

CUSP by Neiman Marcus

I love Neiman Marcus, but with a few notable exceptions, I was disappointed by their offerings.  In the Mulberry and Norstrom shows I wasn’t in love with everything I saw, but I felt as if I was looking at new, fresh and different.  The CUSP show seemed like a repetition of what I’ve been looking at for several years.

I did like the patterned hose, which I’d first noticed in the Nordstrom show. I absolutely loved that RED is back, which is great, since BOLD LIPS are making a comeback too.  Creamy dreamy winter white was there too, which I love.

I also saw some interesting outerwear choices, but like Mulberry I feared they were way too warm for most of our winter days.  Neiman’s was also the only store to include men in their show, so that was interesting.

Even though photography was challenging, I got lucky and was able to capture part of the finale on video.  Excuse the two heads in the way.  That’s what I had been trying to photograph around all through the show.

Elie Tahari

Great Blues Elie Tahari!
Great Blues Elie Tahari!

I was pretty much in love with everything in the Tahari line-up, especially when it was in blue.  They called the blue Oasis, but the shade seemed too intense for its name.  And speaking of names, the collection was called Urban Forest and the commentator pointed out the natural fabrics.

I was able to capture this finale on video also.  Doesn’t it make you want to go out and buy something?

And finally, here’s the rest of the pictures.  As I mentioned last week, they aren’t great examples of photography, but perhaps you’ll get some ideas for your winter wardrobe.

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5 thoughts on “NorthPark Fashion Show News”

  1. I also don’t quite know what I think of heavy shoes. Last spring I bought a dress on clearance that the clerk told me would be perfect to wear with booties. Now that it’s fall, the season is just right for the dress, but so far I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to wearing it with short boots. I think that I may be just a tad old for that style. :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just like a balanced look and booties or clunky shoes add too much weight at the bottom of some outfits in my opinion. I’ve never been able to wrap my taste around shirt tails hanging out below a jacket either. I decided fashion is one thing and style is another. I’ll just exercise my personal style and adopt the fashions that fit it.


      1. I’m not sure whether I have a personal style–I just wear what I like. 🙂 I also struggle with shirt tails hanging out. A store clerk recently told me it was the “layered look.”


        1. If you go shopping with your friends and they say, “this looks just like you,” then you have style. As to the layered look, we’ve been wearing that for a long time without the need to have our shirt tails hanging out beneath the jacket.


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