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Loree La Porte, Savior of Hair

Just another good hair day
Just another good hair day


Good hair has been hard to find and I hate that.  I remember hair that grew out the color I wanted it to be, did what I wanted it to do and really didn’t take much work at all.  Most of my life my hair has been short, because that’s the way my mom liked it.  A few years ago I decided to let it grow.  That would have been a very bad idea if it weren’t for Loree La Porte.

The Season of Bad Hair

It’s been a while since I loved my hair.  In fact, I’ve been coloring it for about two decades now and I’ve really hated the hassle of it – nor have I really loved the color I’ve had to settle for.  My real color was on the black side of brown with an undertone of red.  They say as we age we need to soften our hair color, so I went really brown and threw in a few highlights to make it look natural.

After Mom was gone, the stress of the previous five years, bad hair decisions and some medical situations left me with a mess.  Short was too severe looking and longer was wild.  One of my bad hair decisions was going red, because my husband hated it, but every time I came home from a new color appointment where we were supposed to get the red out, my color-blind husband claimed it still looked red.

And Then We Started Building a House in Heath

We sold our Dallas house and were going to move to Heath via Wylie.  No way I was going to go through the hassle of finding a temporary stylist in Wylie.  I wanted no roots in that suburbs (excuse the pun).  So I turned my eyes to Rockwall.  We were going to the lot almost daily and every day I passed a Day Spa along the way.

Maybe I’m weird, but I was praying about my hair, because I was so over it.  It might not be spiritually correct to say you pray about your hair, but that’s exactly what I was doing.  And I got an answer – “look at the Day Spas website”.  When I did that it was like a huge red heavenly arrow was pointing at Loree La Porte.

I Love Me Some Loree!

From the very first time Loree did my hair I knew she got the wild hot mess on my head. She banished the red on her first try.  She coached me through growing out the 500 million layers that had been cut into my hair over the years.  She introduced me to Moroccan Oil.

There’s not a darned thing she can do about the fact that my hair doesn’t grow out right anymore. Nor can she keep a humid day from turning me into Diana Ross, the solo years.  (You know the 2007 ‘fro I’m talking about!)  However, she’s found a color that works for me and she’s taught me all kinds of tricks to tame my mane.

She’s also become my friend.  During the build I would blow into her salon like the eruption of Krakatoa.  I’d rage and stew the whole time I was there.  She’d make the appropriate noises and get the outside of my head straightened out while I emptied the inside.  Somebody give that girl an award.

When I was younger, everyone noticed my hair for all the right reasons.  Everyone wanted to get their hair done wherever I got my hair done because it always looked so good.  I thought those days were over.  In recent weeks two friends wanted to know who did my hair so they could go see her.  Thanks Loree!  I really appreciate all these good hair days!

You can get Loree to tame your main, find your cut and fix your color, too.  Just give her a call at 805-404-9782.

4 thoughts on “Loree La Porte, Savior of Hair”

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  2. Your hair looks great! I know the feeling. I got my hair cut this morning. I stormed in and said I did not like how my hair looked, and that I wanted some layers. I’m kind of between stylists (my old stylist’s schedule and mine just do not seem to mesh anymore) –and seeing different people each time I go to the salon. So this was kind of risky, but so far I’ve been happy with my new, more layered cut.


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