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More Fashionable NorthPark

NorthPark ready to celebrate
NorthPark ready to celebrate


NorthPark threw itself such an exciting birthday party that this is my third post about it.  Tuesday we looked at beauty trends, now let’s talk about the runway shows!  NorthPark did a great job of making the event something I won’t forget.  I felt lucky to be there.

The Fashion Show Drill

As I said on Monday, NorthPark e-mailed invitations to the faithful so we could RSVP spots at the fashion shows.  I figured the free events would create mayhem, but the morning shows were only slightly madcap.  For the Nordstrom Beauty Trend presentation I was able to get right up on the front row and the audience was sparse, so those were some of the the best pictures I got all day.

Did I mention there was chocolate?
Did I mention there was chocolate?

For the second show, I was also given a front row seat, but the crowd was building so my picture taking efforts had to fit into a smaller space.  The rest of the day I was lucky to have a seat at all and the quality of my photos shows it, so forgive me for the blurriness and odd angles.  I was shooting with my phone and often from several rows back, but I wanted to share the fun with you.

At least I had a seat.  There was no tent to hide the shows, so onlookers gawked at the spectacle.  As the day progressed the gawkers planted themselves around the perimeter of the show and all around the second level looking down.  It created a fishbowl effect and the audience was as much on exhibit as the fashions.  On a solemn note, I noticed there was a definite police presence.  I also noticed they were oblivious to the fashion show, but were constantly scanning the crowds, looking for anything suspicious.  I have to admit that I am grateful they were there and taking my safety so seriously.

Ready for Fashion
Ready for Fashion

The procedure for seating was very regimented.  You showed your ticket and would be given a seat assignment.  Each chair would have a swag bag on it.  Some shows the bag would be full of magazines and coupons.  Sometimes there would be samples and/or coupons.  Sometimes it was a paper shopping bag and sometimes it was a cool tote bag.  Even though there was a lot of repetition in the goodies, I hoarded every item offered and then shared the swag between several of my buddies.  This meant I made several trips to the car to unload my treasures, but my friends were ever so grateful.

At the beginning of the day, it was mostly women in the audience.  A few husbands sheepishly sat next to their wives/girlfriends looking as if they wished to disappear into the uncomfortable plastic chairs.  As the crowds grew (and the paying customers started enjoying their champagne) there were more men and they seemed a lot happier than that those first comers.  Later I figured out what they were happy about.

Art meets Fashion Exhibit
Art Meets Fashion Exhibit

Bill joined me for one of the shows and when I asked him what he thought about it, he went on and on about the models.  When I asked him about the clothes, he said,”Oh I liked some and some I didn’t,” then he went back to critiquing the models.  That proved an opinion to me.  Girls, we’re dressing for each other.  The guys don’t care.

After the show was over you couldn’t just stay and wait for the next show.  You had to leave so they could set up the swag bags.  Of course, they encouraged you to hurry down and try on the fashions you’d just seen, but I resisted that suggestion.  There were many outfits I truly loved, but I knew the price tags would be far beyond my budget.  I found other ways to entertain myself, like the Art Meets Fashion exhibition and Auntie Annie’s pretzels – well that and hustling to the car with my swag bags.

That’s the overview.  Keep coming back, because over the next week or so, I’ll post articles about the various fashions in between my regular features.  You’re going to love these fashions!



1 thought on “More Fashionable NorthPark”

  1. What fun – Now how do I manage a trip to North Park. I haven’t managed a trip to a local fashion mall let alone one in Dallas. Some of my happiest memories with my best friend, Catherine, were our fun filled days of shopping. We’ve been best friends for 35 years although we only lived in Monterey, CA for 13 yrs. We still talk daily and others ask how we could have so much to say after all these years. I’ve had to revamp my wardrobe after taking off over 100 pounds. I like classy lines and well made with the best of fabrics. Oh for a day or two of shopping without time constraints. My biggest gain and much needed replacement has been for sunglasses. I just happen to have great insurance and managed to get $480 Tom Ford frames plus the lens I needed for $146! Nothing like combining fashion with health needs!

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