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Fashionable NorthPark Turns 50

learning Beauty Trends from Nordstrom
Beauty Trends from Nordstrom


NorthPark is celebrating her 50th birthday and I helped.  During a day long feast of fashion shows I discovered what was on the forecast for fall and winter.  The day began with beauty trends from Nordstrom.  Here’s my picks for a fashionable face.

The Bold Mouth

The biggest news was the bold mouth – especially in shades of red.  That was good news for me.  I never figured out how to create the smoky eye look, but bold mouth?  That’s me – and I’m not talking about the volume of my words or their tartness.  I talking RED LIPSTICK.  It’s a look I love.

Red lipstick I didn’t need but I hurried down to Nordstrom’s after the show to pick up a couple of items.  One was from Hourglass and it’s called No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil.  Ladies of a certain age start getting little puckers around their puckerer and if you put this on your mouth and around your lips as you sleep, things should plump up, making those little lines go away.  We’ll see about that.

The other must-have for this little old lady was Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Lip Lift.  Hourglass wanted me to use No.28 as my primer also, but Guerlain said all the right things about Kiss Kiss and I had to have some.  Between sleeping with No. 28 and priming with Kiss Kiss, I should look mahvahlus dahlink!


Contouring, a la the Kardashians, is oh so yesterday.  Of course, one must still contour but now we must also strobe.  Strobing is creating a highlight wherever light would naturally hit your face.  So cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin should be zapped with something like Hourglass’ Ambient Light Edit which will “give you the complete Ambient® Lighting wardrobe” including  handmade powders, blushes, bronzers and the all important strober.  Here’s what you have to know: shimmer is completely out.  These powders are scientifically designed with photo luminescence.  You go around with glitter in your blusher Girl and the fashion police will be after you.

Beyond the Brow 

At the show I was informed that Anastascia of Beverly Hills “put brows on the map.”  I’m not sure which map, but I’m still fascinated by the perfectly trimmed man that came out to tell me all about it.  I swear I have never seen anyone in my life with more precisely trimmed eyebrows, mustache and hair.  He was all about contouring on this particular day and instructed us  to trot down to Nordstrom and get our Contour Kit, because it was the “best contouring palette” in the world.  He also called it Spanx for the face – use it and you immediately look five pounds thinner.

Magic Cream

Now all this boldness, strobing and contouring are for naught if your skin looks tired, but they had an answer for that too.  Charlotte Tilbury has finally released her Magic Cream.  According to their video, Charlotte has been whipping up this elixir in her kitchen for top celebrities for years, but has finally made it available to mere peons like you and I.  It comes in a jar and holds a little over 1.5 ounces, but for a C note it better be magic.  I guess I’m going to have to depend on plenty of sleep and healthy eating.

And For Your Hair

No use having a gorgeous face if it’s not a good hair day.  Two products from Aveda will help perfect your look.  First, Invanti Scalp Revitilizer.  This product is supposed to be a miraculous thickening tonic, and I’m sure it’s wonderful but the one I want first is Shampure.  Since I’ve been wearing my hair longer there are just these days when I really need to wash my hair, but since it’s such a force of nature I’m not always up for the battle.  Enter Shampure, the non-aerosol dry shampoo with “25 pure flower and plant essences.”  This stuff not only revives your hair, it instantly revives your senses while it’s at it.  Now that sounds pretty good to me.

So that’s the beauty line up from Nordstrom.  Armed with all this good advice for getting your face made up, you must now be ready to get dressed, but let’s put that off until another day.  For now, enjoy the pictures and then rush to Nordstrom.  You’re probably dying to get some Magic Cream and Kiss Kiss right now!



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