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50 years of NorthPark


NorthPark is one of my favorite places in the world.  Sure, I like to shop, but that’s only a fraction of the attraction.  I just like to be there.  When I visit NorthPark I feel cooler, sleeker and more hip than I do anywhere else.  They are celebrating their fiftieth birthday with several weekends of fun.  Let me tell you about it.

Love in My Inbox

The first thing I do every morning is check my Gmail inbox.  Most of what’s there is deleted before I even look at it.  I really hate how many companies think they need to contact me daily.  NorthPark sends me a love note about once a week but I never delete their emails.  Instead, I pore over their communication carefully, looking for a reason – any reason- to visit my favorite place.

A couple of weeks ago the love note invited me to come celebrate NorthPark’s Fiftieth Anniversary.  My head was immediately filled with happy images:

  • BLT sandwiches at the Woolworth lunch counter with my mom
  • the baby blue pantsuit with a pirate blouse from JC Penney’s that might still be the favorite outfit I’ve ever owned
  • working part-time at Lord & Taylor where I met my very best friend
  • the sound of the wooden floor inside The Carriage Shop
  • Jambon Moutarde Crepes at the Magic Pan

That’s just a sample from a very long list of pleasant memories I associate with NorthPark.  You won’t find any of those things at Northpark any longer, but they live on inside my head.  When it first opened, NorthPark only had 3 anchor stores, the movie theater was separate from the mall and food courts were unheard of.  It’s evolved over time, but I loved it from my first visit back in 1966.  We’d just moved to Texas and the mall, one of the nation’s first enclosed malls, had been open for about a year.

Ready for Fashion
Ready for Fashion

Focus on Fashion

My email love note informed me the first weekend of NorthPark’s celebration would be all about fashion.  The North Court would be turned into a venue for two days of fashion shows, one right after the other.  Well, this was just too exciting!  What was even more exciting was free admission.  Well, you could pay, which would guarantee a prime seat and a split of champagne, but I’m very into free.  I started reserving my seats immediately.

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful stable of friends.  They help me enjoy most of my adventures, but last weekend was a busy one and everyone had something going on.  I considered blowing off the whole thing and doing something like attending to my ever lengthening to-do list, but only for a moment.  NorthPark was celebrating her 50th birthday and I was going to celebrate with her.

Put this on your calendar!
Put this on your calendar!

The Celebration Isn’t Over 

I’ll tell you all about the fashion shows soon, but first I want you to know they were just the beginning of the celebration.  The fun is going to continue this weekend.  On Saturday there will be a free concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Ryan Anthony and Dallas Black Dance Theatre.  It’s a picnic on the grounds kind of thing and you bring your own blanket and picnic.  Then Sunday will be Artrocks, an art festival focused on hands-on activities for kids, featuring a concert by Gravity Feed and a return of the Dallas Black Dance Theatre.  How much fun is that?

While you’re there, check out Art Meets Fashion on Level One, between Neiman’s and Nordstrum’s.  The exhibit has gorgeous examples of fashion which connect the art world with the world of fashion.  There’s everything from the iconic Campbell-soup-can paper dress to splendid evening dresses covered in bling.  That blue pantsuit with the taupe lace is my favorite.  They can just wrap it up and send it to me.  Then all I’d need would be an event to wear it to.  It’s a little more than I’d need when I’m headed to the grocery store.

I’ve got lots more fun to share, so keep coming back!  Soon I’ll fill you in on all the fashion tips and trends I picked up at the fashion shows.

I'll take two!
I’ll take two!



5 thoughts on “50 years of NorthPark”

  1. Awesome – a celebration of a place that continues to be instead of a grand opening because it was torn down and rebuilt. I’m a huge fan of building sustainable architecture and then when times change, we’re able to adjust and don’t have to throw away so much of what is still grand. We have so many empty buildings and malls because real-estate developers have convinced builders to build bigger on the edge of town. We know what happens to downtown when everything moves to the edge of town.
    Great post, Jane. I’ve missed you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane, love reading your writings. Surely you have abundantly blessed to be writing so awesomely. Thanks for keeping them coming to countless folks. You and Hubby are terrific! Allan and Linda Cox


  3. Northpark does have many memories. I loved Orange Julius and JC Penney (the best JCP in Dallas) and Sanger Harris. I join you in loving and missing the Magic Pan. Is there still an El Fenix Restaurant at Northpark? One of my favorite memories–eating lunch at Neiman’s coffee shop with my mother and Mrs. Gooch! Those two ladies loved to shop and always enjoyed meeting, eating and shopping at Neiman’s. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Love you, Juli Webster Holtzclaw


    1. El Fenix is gone, alas. But there is Luna de Noche and La Duni for Tex-Mex and even a Chipotle in the Food Court. The Blue Mermaid Bar is still downstairs at Neiman’s serving up sandwiches and soups, but I love the NM Cafe with its popovers best. Let me tell you, Ruth adored NorthPark too, but they were also her biggest competition. Her happiest days were when her children’s department at Town East beat the children’s department at NorthPark and with Mom in charge, it happened more often than you might guess.


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