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2015 Cottonwood Creek Art Festival Wrap


I didn’t plan on attending Cottonwood Creek Art Festival both days, but I enjoyed the show so much on Saturday morning, that I convinced Bill to return on Sunday afternoon.  This show just keeps on getting better.  Here’s the best part.  You don’t have to wait until next fall for it to come back.  Look for it in the spring.

Pamela's card: www.pamelablaies
Pamela’s card:

A Few of My Favorites

PamelaBlaies – If money were no object, I’d have a new painting on my walls this morning by Pamela Blaies.  Having just built this house, art is a little outside my budget right now.  Pamela is a local artist and I love her style.  It’s very realistic, with a subtle smudging, reminiscent of Impressionism, but different.  The effect is soft and tranquil.

My home is French and the color scheme is blue and yellow.  I loved all of Pamela’s paintings, but I particularly wanted one featuring lemons with a cobalt blue goblet.  The link above will take you right to it.  Pamela is also a very nice lady and I would love to be among her patrons.

Card from Peaceful Prairie Pottery
Card from Peaceful Prairie Mosaics

Peaceful Prairie Mosaics

Word to the wise!  She who hesitates at Cottonwood Creek Art Festival  is also lost.  On Saturday, my friend Deborah particularly liked a mosaic  in the Peaceful Prairie Pottery booth, because she felt the quote in it described our friendship to a tee.  I could have bought it on Saturday and should have bought it on Saturday because on Sunday when I would have bought it, it was gone.

The craftsmanship in Peaceful Prairie Mosaics is stellar and the heart behind it all must be pure gold.  I can only imagine the time it must take to find all the quotes they incorporate into their beautiful works of art.  The finished works are not only beautiful, they tug at your heartstrings with each glance.  I am a fan!

Excerpt from Bettys brochure
Excerpt from Bettys brochure

Betty Robbins

Something else I loved were the creations of Betty Robbins.  She turns anyone’s life into a masterpiece!  Deborah and I have been friends for more than three decades.  We imagined our journey together in a painting – meeting in Lord & Taylor’s NorthPark, cruising the Bahamas, exploring Eureka Springs and just doing life together along the way.  Betty would have to make duplicates.

Something else Deb and I admired was a quartet of paintings of the same scene in four seasons.  Betty said that in her own home she rotates the paintings according to the season, but to me they looked pretty wonderful hanging on the wall together.  On Saturday there had been a Texas themed quartet.  By Sunday it was gone (sold) and had been replaced by a scene with trains.

If Betty did a painting of my twenty plus years with my husband, she’d be covering real estate from the Dallas Museum of Art where we met, to Hawaii where we honeymooned, to Egypt where Bill was born.  Then I imagined a painting telling the story of my Mom and Dad, because they put in a lot of windshield time during road trips.  There is no end to the possibilities.

Gary Moser
Gary Moser’s Postcard

Gary Moser

So how gorgeous would a lady like this be next to my pond?  I completely agree with you.  This particular piece is 31 inches tall, but her big sister was about my height.

Gary Moser works out of the Welded Donkey studio in Scottsdale, AZ.  In addition to his beautiful work, one of the things I like about Gary is that like me, he discovered his passion later in life.  To quote his promotional postcard, “Steel just kind of grabbed me by the collar, and it has led me on an amazing journey.”  Words have kind of grabbed me by the collar too and I’m interested to see where we’ll go.

Since I wasn’t able to bring home one of Pamela Blaies’ lovely works, it’s not hard for you to guess that I wouldn’t be able to afford a life-sized sculpture for my pond, but God willing and the creek don’t rise, that pond isn’t going anywhere and there is always tomorrow.

Postcard from Parker Parker Design Photography
Postcard from Parker Parker Design Photography

Parker Parker

Here’s what I noticed at this show, photography is changing the face of art.  I have always loved the art of photography, but this digital age is blurring the lines between between painting and photography, because nowadays computers can add painterly qualities to photographs.

The works of James W. Parker are a perfect example.  His photographs were taken across this great nation of ours. They capture wide empty places and abandoned homes of a disappearing landscape.  The haunting images inspired questions for me, like “who lived here,” “what happened that made them leave,” and “where is this, I want to go see it.”

Parker Parker doesn’t just take great photos, he uses technology to make what he photographs even more beautiful.  I loved his work.  Visit his website and you will too.

In the park on festival day
In the park on festival day

Lots More to Love

Well, this could go on forever, because I loved, loved, loved so many of the wonderful artists at the show, but I don’t want to wear our my welcome.  There are so many gorgeous works of art that you could spend all your time visiting the artists’ booths, but when you visit the Cottonwood Creek Art Festival, you shouldn’t stop there.

During my visits my companions and I enjoyed hot chocolate, latte, gyros, craft beer, a pretzel and a buffalo sausage on a bun.  There are talented musicians you’ll love to listen to.  There’s even an activity area for kids.  We thoroughly enjoyed the dog parade, also.  That’s not an official part of the festival, but so many people showed up parading so many breeds of dogs that they should add it to their marketing.

I’ll leave you with these postcards and business cards I picked up along the way.  I’ve tried to identify the artists so you can get in touch with them if intrigued, but don’t hesitate to contact me if you can’t get the info you want.  I’ll be glad to share.

5 thoughts on “2015 Cottonwood Creek Art Festival Wrap”

    1. Wish things were different for you Sheri. I’m just so glad you and Tom made so many wonderful memories together before his health stole him away from you. So proud of you for hanging in there with him and not turning him over to “professional caregivers.” I do wish you could get a little help, but I know what it’s like to walk away for what seems to be only a moment and it was the wrong moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, the memories Tom and I made together can be bittersweet at times and at other times, get me through the long nights of sitting by the bed holding his hand and being there in case he wakes up, even for a few minutes. His body is riddled with damage from the harsh medications given to him for so many years.
        We sought out art festivals and jurried craft shows across the country for many years. We always believed in supporting as many artists as possible.
        We never took Tom’s work to shows as he always sold out in galleries and one-on-one clients that he designed for. We always loved wandering aimlessly through the shows, stopping to talk with the artist and yes, almost always finding something we had to make arrangements for to ship back to wherever we were living. BTW – loved the selections you picked out.


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