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Cottonwood Art Festival Oct 3-4, 2015

Cottonwood Art Festival, Richardson TX
A Cottonwood Art Festival Find


It’s back.  Though I haven’t mentioned it lately, I try to make it to the Cottonwood Art Festival every time I can. Here’s  the last time a wrote about it, but I think I’ve been at least once a year to this lovely semi-annual event.  You can imagine how excited I was to find an email from them in my inbox.  I thought I’d share the information with you. 

What it is

The official press release from the City of Richardson describes it this way, “The City of Richardson’s festival features museum-quality art from 240 artists, as well as live music, craft beer, food, and a hands-on art experience for kids.”  I can testify to the “museum quality” part.  That’s the reason, no matter the weather or what else is going on (like building a house) I try to go.  I also like the food.  Last time I went I enjoyed some scrumptious candied nut stuff and a hot pretzel.  Not exactly healthy, but both were worth the calories, carbs and sugar.

More Amazing Things 

Forty six years!  That’s how long this festival has been going on.  I remember my Mom raving about it and I think I even went with her at some point, but it was just a few pop-up awnings in a park in those days and I thought I was way too cool for craft fairs.  My but this little festival has grown.

When I went again a few years ago, I was blown away with the quality of the art, the setting and the signage.  OK, I’m a sucker for good signage.  It’s all those years of marketing I have under my belt, but it started when I was a kid reading roadside billboards.  I remember nearly falling over my luggage at the Paris airport in the seventies.  They’d beaten us to the punch with electronic advertising and I was enthralled with it.  The Cottonwood Art Festival isn’t exactly the Charles De Gaulle, but the attractive banners do set it apart from your average art in the park sort of event and they keep you from getting lost

And FREE!!  What’s free anymore?  Well, I admit that a lot of stuff claims to be free, but that’s usually just a come-on to get you to sign up for a monthly service.  The Cottonwood Art Festival is free.  I’m warning you that you will be tempted to empty out your pockets and max out your credit card, but it is perfectly possible to park in the school parking lot across from the festival, spend some time strolling through the shady aisles of artists and not spend a cent.

Have I Mentioned the Art?

The press release also says, “The free event held in Richardson’s scenic Cottonwood Park will exhibit work from 240 artists. These top artists are chosen from more than 800 applicants. Categories include mixed media, ceramics, drawings/pastel, jewelry, metalwork, painting, photography, and much more.”  I say, “Get ready to have your socks blown off.”

There’s a lot more at the festival, music, kid’s activities and food.  (Did I mention “Murphy’s Roasted Nuts”?  Watch out for the nuts.  They are right at the entrance and the smell is heavenly.)  However, there is no question about it.  The art is the thing.  And it’s not all college-fund threatening.  The cute little bag in the photo was very affordable.

“This is the perfect place to shop for exclusive art that will make an impact in your home or office,” said Serri Ayers, director of the Cottonwood Art Festival. “While you are here, you may enjoy live music from some of the top local bands, while sipping a cocktail and enjoying a meal in our relaxing courtyard.”

If you’re interested in going, and you should be, then here’s the deets:


Oh, and come back here next week.  I’ll remind you of something delicious!

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