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Marvelous Mag Bag

MagBAg, Travel Bag for Accessories
How MagBag works


From time to time folks offer me something free and in return I’m supposed to share it with you.  Usually, it’s free tickets to something and all I have to do is fly to New York or Paris on my own dime.  Or it may be a free e-book to review, but I’m reluctant to take them up on it, because I have to read the book and what happens if I hate it.  Then there are products like MagBag.

New Travel Accessory for Women

OK, how could I resist?  It was new.  It was for traveling.  It was related to accessories and I’m a woman.

Let me tell you about me and accessories.  I have about a hundred scarves and that’s not including shawls, stoles and such.  I have a large jewelry amoire, but my earrings escaped onto a four-tiered earring tree.  My most frequently worn necklaces and most of my brooches have also found other homes in my closet so they are easy to access.

It’s not that I’m an accessory hoarder, exactly.  I’m just frugal and lucky.  Accessories go in and out of fashion. Colors go in and out of fashion.  What’s hot today, won’t be tomorrow and that scarf you haven’t worn in a few years?  Save it for a few more and it will be the bomb.  I know, because that’s exactly what I do with all my accessories.  “Oh Jane, I love your necklace!  That color is so good right now!”  I hear that sort of thing all the time and I think to myself, “Yeah and it was so good 15-20 years ago, too.”

And the lucky part?  Well, my mom and favorite aunt both had the same accessory habits I do.  They’re gone now, but their accessories live on in my closet.  I guess you don’t want to hear about the gloves and handkerchiefs.  OK then, we’ll go there some other time.

Before MagBag – The Tangled Necklace

If you’re addicted to accessories the way I am, you feel naked if you try to go out without them.  While getting dressed in my own closet, choosing accessories is really no problem.  It’s a pleasure, in fact.  It’s almost like I’m standing in the closet with Mom and Aunt Edie discussing which items will look best with what I’m wearing.

On a cruise, in a hotel room or staying in a guest room, that changes.  Enter the tangled necklace.

I’ve tried many kinds of jewelry holders for traveling: jewelry rolls, jewelry pouches, miniature jewelry cases, even ziplock bags in a variety of sizes.  It doesn’t matter, they all share the same problem: tangled necklaces.  Not only does the thin chain of a pendant wrap itself around itself, but if you’ve not careful, all your jewelry will end up in one impossible-to-untangle knot.MagBag

Hello MagBag

The marketing company’s promo letter was so much blah-blah-blah, but one look at the .gif and I wanted a Mag Bag.  They knew about my tangled necklaces.  I couldn’t respond to the email quickly enough.  The nice marketing lady assured me she’d put one in the mail immediately.

She did and within a couple of weeks, there it was.  My sample was in the ivory color, which looks different than the picture above.  I could see one benefit to the MagBag immediately.  It doesn’t look like a jewelry pouch, case or roll.  It looks like a notebook with a zipper.  Other forms of jewelry holders scream, “Here’s my jewelry, please steal it!”  This says, “Just a quilted vinyl notebook and it’s not even Vera Bradly.  Move along.  Nothing to steal here.”

A Few Details

So, I did a little more research on the MagBag site.  You don’t have to unpack MagBag in the security line, so you can pack it in your carry-on.  The x-ray machine can’t see through the magnetized material.  It will look like a book.  The MagBag site says that it will not damage your stuff, so theoretically, you could actually keep your jewelry in there all the time.

There is a down-side.  It’s made with magnets.  You can’t carry watches in there, because it will de-magnitize them.  It will also de-magnitize your credit cards.  So keep watches and credit cards outside the case.

How Well Does It Work?

I opened the big manilla envelope the MagBag was delivered in.  My husband and I oohed and aahed over the slick look of the bag.  Then I unzipped it and started to pull the sides apart.  This is a little more challenging to accomplish than it appears in the video.  My husband immediately decided this was a fatal flaw – but then my husband has forgotten the tangled necklace we almost didn’t get untangled on our last cruise.  I remembered.  I wasn’t able to wear it that night and I had to take it to a jeweler to get it untangled.  As a matter of fact, I remember all the tangled necklaces I’ve dealt with over the years and all the different ways  I’ve tried to avoid tangling them.

So, I went to my closet, pulled out the tangliest necklaces I have and put them in the bag.  Then I opened the bag.  Again, the video is a little misleading.  I’m not sure how long they must have experimented and practiced to end up with such a slick presentation, but the bottom line is that the MagBag, if used with care, will eliminate tangled necklaces.

One word of caution, there is a way to do it wrong and of course, I found it.  Like a book, the MagBag has a front and a back.  The back of the bag is the magnetic, “sticky” part and the front is the “keep-it-from-moving” part.  Be sure when you put your jewelry down you are laying it on the sticky part.  Close it like a book and zip it.  Then when you open it, be sure you are lifting the cover, not the back.  When I did it the wrong way, one of the clasps of a costume necklace followed the sticky side, crossing over the other necklaces – but this was operator error.  It was also very easy to correct – nothing like the tangle of necklaces one might expect.  All I had to do was pick up the offending necklace and straighten it.

When I put the necklaces down correctly and opened the case the right way, everything worked fine.  I’m putting it with my luggage and I will be using it on my next trip.  Farewell, tangled necklaces and good riddance!


2 thoughts on “Marvelous Mag Bag”

    1. Went to Wichita last weekend and used the MagBag. Loved it, but I found another little glitch. It broke a pair of earrings off their posts. Not catastrophic, because a dot of glue will fix it and it happened on the way home. I think it really likes necklaces and hoop earrings best.


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