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Primo’s Tex-Mex on Lake Ray Hubbard


If there’s one thing the Lakeplex has, it’s plenty of Tex-Mex restaurants.  The list of popular Tex-Mex chains with a location out here and is pretty long.  Some of my favorites still haven’t found their way to the Lake Ray Hubbard area, but it’s not like I could suffer enchilada withdrawal.  The patio at Primo’s Tex-Mex makes it one of my favorite Tex-Mex emporiums.

The Bass Pro Exit Again 

Last week I told you about a recent visit to the Flying Saucer, which is in the same row of restaurants as Primo’s, so you can go here to read about my new-found appreciation for this spit of land, sticking out into the lake, on the Garland side of the long bridge.  What I didn’t mention is the pier.  Boating on Lake Ray Hubbard and feeling that taco inclination?  Just point your boat towards Bass Pro and dock on the pier.  You can keep an eye on your boat from the Primo patio while you sip heavenly margaritas.

Let me warn you, parking can be a challenge, especially when the weather is good, and it’s going to get worse.  They are building a Hooter’s.  You won’t have to worry about seeing a review of that restaurant here on my blog, but plenty of other people seem to like it.

Oh, THAT Primo’s

I may be an old married lady now, who usually has happy hour on my own patio, drinking my own wine, while watching the wildlife on my own pond, but it wasn’t always that way.  You millennials hanging out in Uptown may think you are cool, but I was hanging out in uptown before there even was an Uptown.  Even back in my day McKinney Avenue was a mecca for food and fun.

What is now the Uptown Breadwinners, used to Andrew’s and Andrew’s is one of my favorite places that no longer exists.  In fact, there was another Andrew’s up in Addison and it’s on the same list.  The McKinney Andrew’s had a definite New Orleans vibe – brick courtyard with wrought iron furniture, that sort of thing.  But I digress, we were talking about Primo’s.  Well, Primo’s was just a few doors down from Andrew’s.  One of the most difficult decisions in my young life, and I faced it frequently, was whether to go to Primo’s or Andrew’s.  That dilemma was usually solved by looking at my watch.  If it was mealtime, I went to Primo’s, but it’s not there anymore, either.

Primo’s Patio Perfection

Let me begin by saying it’s food that carries any restaurant.  When it’s good folks will put up with any parking challenge, ignore bad service and pay whatever is asked.  So, the food at Primo’s has always been good.  My old favorite was their chicken flautas plate, but it’s not on the menu anymore.  On this latest visit, I had the Chicken Verde platter and it was delicious.  All the goodness of a chicken enchilada in a little healthier format – that is if you can resist the rice and re-fried beans.

However, Primo’s just has the whole patio thing figured out.  Oh, the hours I spent on their minuscule McKinney Avenue patio.  You had to show up early if you expected to sit out there, but when you scored a table, you were the envy of every diner who passed you and since the patio was at the entry that was a lot of diners.  While on that patio I was imbued with a sense of entitlement I’ve rarely felt in other places.  The gorgeous thing was that in spite of the demand for the coveted tables, no one hurried you.  You could make an entire night of it, right there, watching all the world going by.  Oh, and you did that while drinking some of the best margaritas anywhere.

OK, so move the marvelous margaritas and delicious food to a bigger patio with a lake view.  Yep, you’re getting the vibe.  Some of the old entitlement aura is gone, but with a view like that, who cares?  The no-rush atmosphere is the same   This is my new go-to patio.  Mr. Bill likes the nachos and beer over at the Saucer, but give me margaritas at Primo’s any day of the week.

So, in these last days of al fresco weather, put Primo’s by the lake on your list and come on out here!  Then come back and visit me next week for another reason to travel here.

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